Upcoming Online Casino Slots 2018

New online casino slots are released nearly on a daily basis, making it hard to keep up with them all. However, the majority of these games are mediocre at best and mostly made up of generic 'fillers' which we usually leave out. For obvious reasons, we tend to focus on the most relevant and commercially successful slot providers.

While there is always a risk that we may fail to predict the success of a particular title, the vast majority of games not listed here are left out because they simply suck. With that said we do keep an eye on ALL developers in the iGaming industry, and if we happen to come across something interesting, even from a small and lesser-known provider, we will make sure to list it here. Furthermore, we frequently and routinely scan all the significant casino communities as a way to keep our ears to the ground and to keep ourselves updated with current trends.

Providers we deem unfair, or that are simply not trustworthy for whatever reason will not have their games listed here. We also see no point in listing game providers where we can't expect to see much diversity and that for the most part are releasing re-skins. Not because they are necessarily bad, but because we see no point in reviewing such games.

If you are a representative of a particular provider, or if you have news of upcoming releases, you are welcome to contact us here. Please keep in mind that Bigwinboard.com is not a place to promote new slots and that any game, from any provider, may be subject to bad reviews. Unlike most other casino sites we do not write promotional reviews (example). Naturally, some providers (who lack the trust in their own products) will make it hard for us to review their games pre-launch, and in some cases avoid us altogether.

This list is being updated several times per week so make sure to bookmark it if you don't want to miss out on all the juicy insights.