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Over-regulation is a growing problem for gambling enthusiasts who just want to enjoy their favorite games and gamble responsibly without hassle and restrictions. Due to regulations, the availability of games and perks may shift depending on your location, something that might prevent you from playing your go-to slots or claiming bonuses and cash back.

Luckily, there are ways around it, partly thanks to the vast selection of crypto casinos now available on the market but also because a lot of casino operators allow customers to use VPNs to skip restrictions. This opens up many options for players who are located in countries where gambling is heavily regulated. A degree of regulation is arguably required, but some countries regulate the market too aggressively and appear to do it more to fill their own pockets rather than for the safety of players. Below you will find all the best VPN-friendly casinos to enjoy your sessions on!

Best VPN Friendly Casinos

“metaspins”100% up to
Free Spins
◾ No KYC & VPN-friendly
◾ Max RTP & 60% Rakeback!
Metaspins: 18+. New players only. Please play responsibly. T&C’s apply.
“bc.game”300% Up to
Free Spins
◾ 4 welcome bonuses
◾ Buy crypto directly on the site!
BC.Game: 18+. New players only. Please play responsibly. T&C’s apply.
“mystake”170% up to
Free Spins
◾ No KYC & VPN-friendly
◾ 10% Cashback on all deposits
MyStake: 18+. New players only. Please play responsibly. T&C’s Apply.
“vave100% up to
Free Spins
◾ No KYC - safe and anonymous
◾ Accepts all countries
Vave: 18+. New players only. Please play responsibly. T&C’s Apply.
Free Spins
◾ VPN friendly & no KYC
◾ Accepts players world wide
CryptoLeo: 18+. New players only. Please play responsibly. T&C’s apply.

✔️ What is VPN?

VPN is short for Virtual Private Network, and the technology has been around for years to enable users to connect to the internet through a virtual "tunnel" when browsing the world wide web anonymously or from a different location. A VPN connection can also be used for other purposes. It's often used in work environments to protect vital information from leaking out and to make sure company data is safe.

From an integrity standpoint, VPN connections are important for several reasons, but mainly to avoid disclosing your IP address. This may be important for a number of reasons, including hiding which operator you are using. Your IP address tells a whole lot more about you than you might expect, such as your location along with the internet provider you use. With the use of a VPN, you could physically be located in the US but have the websites you visit believe you are in Finland, Norway or Germany.

All you need to do in order to connect with a VPN is to fire up the program provided to you when subscribing to a VPN service. Usually, you're given a link to download the software when creating your account, and there are also typically options to connect using mobiles, tablets, and other devices that you may prefer to use when gambling. Some VPN operators also offer services like dedicated IP addresses with open gates, DNS masking to circumvent more strict geo-blocking, and also stronger protection depending on the level of security you need. It's also common practice for VPN operators not to save any logs or other traces of your activity in order for you to feel safe and enjoy a higher level of integrity than usual when browsing the web.

✔️ VPN Friendly Online Casinos

By using a VPN to connect to the internet, you are able to get around most blocks since it allows you to use a different geographical location. VPNs are commonly used today to access more content on Netflix or to read news from other countries. VPNs have also become a popular tool for gamblers. As regulation and control of not only gambling but the internet, in general, is becoming more strict, more players and casinos rely on VPNs for freedom of choice. Not all online casinos allow customers to use a VPN, so you have to be careful when doing so. Most MGA casinos, for example, don't allow the use of VPN for gambling on their websites. It's a practice more commonly associated with Curacao-licensed casinos and crypto casinos which are less strict with regulation.

✔️ So Why Use a VPN When Gambling?

The main reason for using a VPN as a gambler is simply to be able to gamble. Many players feel that their governments over-regulate the market and that there are too many restrictions and limitations in place. The main reason for this is obviously so that the governments can get their hands on some of the money in this lucrative industry, but in other countries, there are religious and political reasons for implementing bans. For example, when playing at casinos licensed in your country, you may have to deal with things such as slow spins, loss of the auto spin option, no cashback or bonuses, loss of bonus buys and losing access to certain game providers. By using a VPN to play at any of the casinos listed on this page, you could potentially gain access to all of that again. However, even if they are listed here as VPN-friendly casinos, always make sure to check the terms and conditions or the customer support. Things change fast in the industry, so better to be safe than sorry. The best countries to connect from are typically those with the least restrictions, namely Malta, Germany, Romania, or Norway.

✔️ The Best VPN operators for Gambling

There are a number of VPN services that stand out from the competition due to their popularity, quality and high internet speed. When encrypting your connection, the speed is almost always affected, but with the help of modern VPN operators, this reduction in speed can be kept at a minimum. Below we have listed some of the most popular VPN providers:

  • NordVPN - over 5000 servers in 60+ countries, a large quantity of IP addresses and countries to connect from, and easy to use. This is by far the most popular option.
  • OVPN - High speeds, high anonymity, transparent services, and a considerable option of servers in many different countries.
  • ExpressVPN - Offers dedicated IP addresses to gain access to Netflix US content, high speeds, and servers in several different countries.

Keep in mind, the most important thing when using a VPN for gambling is to find one which allows you to connect from many different countries but also one that allows for high internet speeds since browsing casinos can otherwise cause lag and broken connections.

✔️ VPN Casinos Conclusion

The internet and also the iGaming industry is getting increasingly regulated and controlled by governments and VPN services as well as cryptocurrencies are likely to become all the more important in the future. Playing on online casinos that allow VPN connections gives you the opportunity to play on casinos you otherwise would not be able to, or it gives you the chance to play games not available in your country. It could also improve your customer experience by removing slow spin restrictions and give you the chance to buy bonuses or play with auto spins. There are many good reasons to use a VPN, but before you start, make sure that the casino allows the use of VPN when gambling on their website.