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The gambling industry is always on the cutting edge of each new technological shift, and it has not let the cryptocurrency movement pass it by. As such, there is an extensive and constantly growing number of crypto online casinos willing to accept a range of digital coins in place of traditional fiat. Sifting through the cowboys to find the best online Bitcoin casino can be as daunting as finding a regular online casino, not to mention getting to grip with the concept of cryptocurrencies in general.

Fortunately, being the helpful bunch we are, our job is to do the searching for you. Not only will you find the best crypto gambling sites here, but we also demystify the whole process. By the end, you will know what crypto is, how it works, the benefits of using digital currency, how to buy it and how to store it safely. If you're ready to join the Bitcoin casino revolution, let's dive in and take a look.

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✔️ What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is essentially a form of payment that can be used to buy goods or services. Companies issue digital coins, which players buy using fiat currencies (pounds, Euros, dollars, rupees etc.), and can then use them at crypto casinos. Crypto is stored in wallets and then transferred to your online crypto casino when you are ready to gamble. Underpinning Bitcoin and other coins is blockchain, which powers the technology. We could get overly technical here but let's think of crypto like casino chips, tokens, or simply coins since they function in virtually the same way.

✔️ The advantages of Bitcoin and online crypto gambling

Most players aren't just choosing to gamble Bitcoin at online crypto casinos just to be revolutionary. The technology possesses many inherent benefits that make using it advantageous. These include:


One of the biggest benefits of Bitcoin is transactions do not show up on bank or credit card statements. In fact, you can buy things online without the need for entering personal data at all. This isn't so much the case at legit online crypto casinos that require age verifications and employ KYC processes to prevent money laundering. Cryptocurrency transactions are forever inscribed on the blockchain, which is like a public ledger. However, it records the amount transferred, not who sent it or who received it.


Crypto payments are performed peer to peer, cutting out the need for middlemen like banks or credit card companies. This can help reduce fees, a lot of the time to zero, regardless of where in the world the Bitcoin is coming from or going to. Crypto slips across borders as if they didn't exist, so there are no costs associated with normal wire transfers of cash.

Mobile payments

Like other forms of online payments such as e-wallets, crypto users can pay using their digital coins wherever they have internet access. There is no need to visit shops or withdraw money from banks. The difference when making online payments with crypto is that personal information is not needed to make these transactions.


One of the key reasons crypto proponents are so passionate is that no bank or government controls or regulates digital currencies. Control lies solely in the hands of those who own it. The focus is on peer-to-peer transactions without the oversight of any authority or outside source.

mbit crypto casino
mBit - a popular crypto casino

✔️ Disadvantages of using crypto

Bitcoin hasn't solved all of the world's banking issues just yet, and there are disadvantages to using digital currencies as well. Like fiat currencies, there are ways of minimising the disadvantages, which we'll take a look at.


One of the largest concerns are the issues around scalability. While crypto adoption is on the rise, the number of transactions made using it is a tiny fraction of what is conducted using Visa or MasterCard. Bitcoins infrastructure and speed are not yet capable of replacing regular currencies. Crypto is an ongoing evolution, but for now, scalability is a stumbling block to widespread use.


One of the concerns many people have about using cryptocurrency at Bitcoin gambling sites is price volatility. The price of cryptocurrencies is notoriously unpredictable, rising and falling on a whim or a tweet from the right person. One minute it's on a one way trip to the moon; the next, its value has bottomed out. There is no government on hand to control fluctuation or influence supply. Perhaps in the future, if cryptocurrencies were pegged to gold or the dollar, there would be more stability, but this does go against the ethos of decentralising.

Volatility can also be your friend. Just as the value of Bitcoin dips, it also rises, so it is possible to make money simply by owning cryptocurrency. The store of investment value is the main reason Bitcoin's price has generally risen over time, instead of it being used as a means of exchange.


Being a digital currency makes Bitcoin potentially vulnerable to cybersecurity breaches as hackers try to get their hands on it. Fortunately, exchanges have stepped up their security, and some even insure customers' investments. Also, you can take steps to protect your crypto via hot and cold wallets, thereby making Bitcoin casino online gambling a safer proposal.

No chargebacks

Once you've made a transaction, it cannot be reversed. The crypto has moved from your wallet to somebody else's. This isn't a problem; unless you have an issue with a casino, then you have no recourse. Unlike calling your card company and reversing the charge, this is not possible. These sorts of issues wouldn't typically arise if you only play at safe Bitcoin casinos, so check our list of best crypto casinos to avoid any potential problems like this from occurring.

✔️ How to buy Bitcoin and crypto

Once you've decided to gamble at a crypto casino, you'll need first to buy a digital currency you can use to bet with. This is where many players stall because they aren't sure how to do it. Fortunately, buying crypto is as easy as buying anything else online. Step one is finding an exchange that sells the crypto you are looking for. Most exchanges trade Bitcoin, making it the easiest to obtain, but any alt-coin you find at a crypto casino will be readily available to buy.

Step one is registering at the exchange. One of the most popular is Coinbase, a trusted American company listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Then it's simply a process of buying the amount you would like with a credit or debit card.


Cryptocurrency is stored in a wallet where there are two types – hot or cold. Hot wallets are connected to the internet and are always ready to send or receive crypto, while cold wallets are not. Cold wallets are like a USB stick you plug into a device, load up, then disconnect and leave it somewhere safe. There are advantages of both types. Hot wallets are always ready to use, cold wallets because of the added layer of security.

It is possible to get the best of both worlds. Many players keep a day to day amount in a hot wallet to use at Bitcoin gambling sites whenever they like while keeping the greater portion of their investment in a cold wallet. With hot wallets, consider using two-factor authentication to make it tougher for nefarious parties. Hackers prefer to tackle accounts without two-factor authentication since it is easier for them, so make sure to activate it on your wallet for extra peace of mind.

Wallets for crypto gambling sites

Like buying crypto, storing it is as easy. Registering with exchanges like Coinbase comes with a hot wallet as standard, so when you buy crypto, it is instantly stored. From there, you can send it to another hot wallet or into cold storage. Setting up a wallet for the first time often involves picking complicated passwords, key stores, or mnemonic phrases. Whatever you do, do not lose them because, for extra security, many cannot be reset if passwords are lost. Also, be careful when sending crypto to another wallet. If you get the address wrong, the transfer cannot be reversed. You will have to contact the other person, if possible and ask if they can send it back.

✔️ What coins do crypto casinos accept?

There are thousands of different cryptocurrencies traded publicly, though for now, only a handful are accepted at online crypto casinos. Bitcoin remains the king, so most crypto casinos, if not all, accept it. Other tokens are growing in popularity and are steadily being accepted at more online crypto casinos. Here are several tokens you are likely to come across.


The breakout crypto that started the digital coin revolution is undoubtedly Bitcoin. It's not the most valuable out there, but it is by far the most popular and widely accepted. It launched in 2009 as a method of facilitating peer-to-peer transactions and quickly morphed into one of the hottest investments on the planet.

Quite exactly who invented Bitcoin is something of a mystery. The original whitepaper was penned by Satoshi Nakamoto, who no one has heard from since, or verify if he actually exists. However it burst on the scene, Bitcoin is here to stay and can be used at a great number of online Bitcoin casinos.


Ethereum is the second most widespread token offered at online crypto casinos. It's an open-source, decentralised coin that is blockchain-based, which enables DApps and smart contracts to be used with no meddling by third parties.

For gamblers or investors, Ethereum is simply a store of value that can be used to bet with or make money by hodling. Ethereum transactions are faster and cheaper than Bitcoin, but critics say they are less secure.


Litecoin launched in 2011 as a cheaper, faster alternative to Bitcoin. While this might be the case, it remains in Bitcoins shadow, though it is appearing at a growing number of sites. Litecoin makes an ideal choice for gambling at crypto casinos due to its high levels of security and anonymity. When Litecoin appeared, it was four times faster to process than Bitcoin. The speed gap has narrowed, but LTC remains the more efficient coin.

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash was forked from Bitcoin in 2017 due to a disagreement between key decision-makers in the Bitcoin team. In short, the Bitcoin blockchain had grown to the point it was taking longer to make transactions than some were happy with. The fork means all of Bitcoin's open-source code up until that point was shared to the new version – named Bitcoin Cash. Its association with Bitcoin has proven useful, making it a popular option at online crypto casinos. The names might sound the same, but they are two different coins.


The crypto that started as a joke based around a Shiba Inu dog has gained significant traction amongst investors. Dogecoin's main benefit is how easy it can be used to make transfers. Its block reading speed is faster even than Litecoin, making it a preferred currency at online crypto casinos for many users. Speed and its irresistible meme value have made Dogecoin one of the most popular cryptos on the market. It might have started as a joke, but few are laughing now.

✔️ How to choose the best online crypto casino

At Bigwinboard, we take the time to sift through the growing multitude of online casinos to bring you the very best. The same approach applies whether reviewing traditional casinos or Bitcoin casinos. Player preference is the deciding factor, and one minor detail might be the make or break for you. However, there are common traits we look for whenever we assess a crypto gambling site.

Licensing and security

Before playing at a Bitcoin gambling site, you want to know it is reliable. The last thing you need is to win a nice stack of digital coins, then be unable to withdraw them or be tricked in any way. One way of gaining trust in an online crypto casino is if it holds a license from a reputable regulator. Since crypto payments are anonymous, some rogue crypto casinos do bother with licenses and exist to prey on people who cannot play anywhere else. Perhaps due to governmental regulations, for example.

Therefore, a license is tangible evidence a Bitcoin online casino is held to certain standards, and there are recourses should anything go awry. The most trusted licenses come from EU regulators such as the MGA or the UK Gambling Commission. Some crypto casinos hold a Curacao gaming license which is less desirable but still a significant step up from Bitcoin casinos that do not have one at all.

Next on the list is security which comes via encryption software to keep player details safe. 128-bit SSL encryption is the industry standard and is similar to the sort of measures used in the financial industry.

Which cryptocurrencies are available

Most crypto gambling sites accept Bitcoin; in fact, many only accept Bitcoin. It is by far the most popular digital currency, and the one everybody knows about. However, a small minority of crypto casinos do not, focusing on other tokens like Ethereum instead. Make sure to check if the casino in question supports your favoured coin before signing up. As crypto's become more mainstream, the list of tokens accepted at crypto casinos online is likely to expand.

Games and software providers

The games you'll come across at a crypto casino are the same as those played at traditional online casinos. Each crypto gambling site offers players games from a variety of categories and software providers. All of the most popular choices can be gambled with Bitcoin, such as Poker, Roulette, Blackjack, Craps, Slots, Live games.

Many crypto casinos online cater to players in countries that struggle to gamble otherwise, such as India. As such, exotic games like Teen Patti, Sic Bo, or Andar Bahar are gaining in reputation. Before signing up, check the games on offer to make sure your favourites are there amongst the latest releases.

There is no need to scrimp on quality at a Bitcoin casino either. Just because the payment methods are different doesn't mean you can't play slots from household name studios like Play'n GO, Push Gaming, Pragmatic Play, Red Tiger, or Nolimit City - among others.

In addition, it is possible to come across games that are only available at a Bitcoin casino. These include dice games, card games, and crash games. These games use a 'provably fair' system which lets players verify for themselves the outcome of each round, providing extra transparency and trust.

Customer support

Getting hold of a legitimate crypto casino is a pain-free process. Many are contactable by email or live chat, often at any time of the day or night. Less frequent these days is phone support, so you might need to do a bit of digging to find a Bitcoin gambling site you can call if that is your preferred way. More common is social media avenues where customers can reach out via the biggest platforms to answer questions.

crypto gambling

✔️ Making deposits and withdrawals at a Bitcoin casino

In principle, banking with crypto is similar to banking with regular fiat, differing only in the details. However, one major difference is every Bitcoin transaction is recorded on a public ledger, which anyone can view. Keep in mind it does not record the names of people involved in the transaction, only that it occurred. The blockchain is immutable, so hackers cannot alter it in any way.


Crypto transactions are a safe way of transferring funds to online Bitcoin casinos. Step one is to buy the required amount of crypto and have it ready in a wallet. Next, visit the cashier at your Bitcoin casino, select the token, choose a wallet, and enter the amount you would like to deposit. Once the funds have cleared, which will not take long, you'll be ready to play.

If you wish to take advantage of a welcome bonus, or another promotion, check the token you would like to gamble with is one of the eligible currencies.


Withdrawing funds from your account is straightforward as well. Always check you have fulfilled any bonus requirements if this applies, then head to the cashier. Select the amount you would like to withdraw and confirm the total. Shortly, the crypto will appear in your wallet.

✔️ Bitcoin and crypto online casino bonuses

Bitcoin casinos are as entrenched in the bonus war for new customers as regular casinos are. This means you can pick up some excellent welcome offers for signing up at a new crypto casino, as well as ongoing promotions to take advantage of. As always, bonuses in themselves aren't the only reason to sign up, but they make a nice sweetener to go with a great crypto casino. Bonuses come in many forms; here are several common ones.

Welcome bonuses

Crypto casino welcome bonuses are like a reward for players who sign up. Most of these offers come with bonus crypto, free spins, or a combination of both and are a great way of welcoming you to a crypto gambling site. Sometimes, you don't even need to make a deposit to start playing their games. Let's take a look at what you can find at the best online crypto casinos.

No deposit bonuses

No deposit bonuses are absolute gold dust and are dished out just for registering your details. As the name suggests, there is no need to deposit any crypto to unlock the benefits. Don't expect masses of freebies, though, as no deposit bonuses usually comprise a modest number of free spins. Still, a slot has no idea if it is being fed free or paid spins, so you can win real cash from no-deposit bonuses. These offers are perfect for putting a new crypto casino through its paces to see how it operates – without risking a single satoshi.

Deposit bonuses

More likely, you will need to deposit funds to be eligible for a welcome bonus. When doing so, the Bitcoin casino in question will probably match the deposit up to certain limits and/or top you up a set of free spins as well. Things to watch out for here are minimum deposit limits, slot eligibility, and how you can go about withdrawing the bonus cash or any winnings from it. Wagering requirements will normally be put in place before you can do so. Deposit bonuses vary widely from operator to operator, so don't be shy about shopping around for the best deals for your crypto bankroll.

VIP/Loyalty bonuses

Bitcoin gambling sites like it when customers come back, so many have loyalty programs in place to reward repeat business. You will often be instantly enrolled when you sign up, and the more you play, the more loyalty points accrue. At certain levels, points may be exchanged for bonus crypto, free spins, entry to tournaments – or all manner of giveaways.

VIP schemes run similarly, meaning the more you play, the greater the prizes. At the upper tiers, the rewards can be significant. Top spenders might get invites to hospitality events, account managers, and exclusive giveaways. If you are gambling at a crypto casino, it makes sense to squeeze as much as possible out of any loyalty program.


A cashback bonus is like a refund of crypto lost over a set period of time. There are no real downsides to a cashback bonus which is equivalent to getting a second chance to win with some of the money lost. The amount of cash you receive back varies from casino to casino and is sometimes eligible only on selected games. Cashbacks are sometimes tied in with VIP programs, so the further along you progress, the greater the returned crypto.

Reload bonuses

These are bonuses for players who deposit more than one time over a given period. If you have made an initial first deposit at a Bitcoin gambling site, the operator may provide a bonus to encourage a second. Reloads are similar to welcome bonuses, so be sure to check the details of the offer, such as wagering requirements.

These are the most common Bitcoin casino bonuses you can get when gambling online. Most, if not all, crypto casinos will offer something for new customers to sign up, then supply ongoing offers to keep players happy. It's an extremely competitive market, and players benefit from this by having all sorts of giveaways flung at them.

✔️ Mobile crypto casinos

More people access the internet on their mobile phones these days than desktop computers, and crypto gambling sites are no exception. Not all Bitcoin casinos have native apps for download, but virtually all can be accessed via a modern web browser. These sites are optimised to run on any device, no matter the size, where the action is just as exciting.

At the mobile casino version of a Bitcoin online casino, you can register if you are new, deposit or withdraw crypto, play games, and opt in to promotions – basically anything you could do at the full site.

Crypto exchanges commonly have native apps, which double as your digital currency wallet, where you can check the balance, so everything is conveniently located on your mobile phone. If you switch between desktop or mobile devices, rest assured your online crypto casino account is linked so you can access the same balance, bonuses and games on either.

✔️ Step by step guide to start at a Bitcoin gambling site

Now you know all there is to know about gambling at a Bitcoin casino, getting started will be easy. As a recap, follow these steps, and you'll be betting Bitcoin in no time.

  1. Obtain crypto: The first thing to do is register at an exchange and buy your preferred cryptocurrency. We mentioned Coinbase, but there are many reputable exchanges to safely buy crypto.
  2. Storing your crypto: Exchanges usually provide a hot wallet to store your crypto, making life easy. Depending on the amount, or your security concerns, you might want to store some offline as well. Physical cold wallets are inexpensive and are perfect for keeping cryptocurrency safe.
  3. Select the crypto casino: Now you're basically good to go. Read our reviews, pick one of the great crypto casinos we have listed here, and make sure to check the bonuses for new players. We've done the hard work of finding the best crypto casinos, so you are free to simply enjoy them.

✔️ Crypto casinos - FAQs

Are Bitcoin casinos safe?

Like regular casinos using fiat currencies for gambling, crypto casinos vary in reliability and trustworthiness. Some are to be avoided to be sure, but many are legitimate operations offering safe, fair gambling. One indicator is a license from a respected regulator, and crypto payment methods are inherently safe. Stick to the list of best crypto casinos here to avoid accidentally signing up with one of the less savoury outfits.

Are crypto casinos legal?

The answer to this question is dependent on the laws of where you reside. If cryptocurrencies and online gambling are legal, it stands to reason playing at crypto gambling sites is legal as well.

Can I play the latest games at a crypto online casino?

The short answer is yes, you can. Any game you can find at a traditional casino can also be found at a crypto online casino. Each one varies, so make sure to check the site in question offers the games you are looking for.

What is a Bitcoin online casino welcome bonus?

Welcome bonuses are a way of thanking you for signing up with a new online crypto casino. They come in all shapes and forms but usually include bonus cash or free spins. Welcome bonuses are optional and do not have to be accepted if they do not suit your gambling style.

How can I withdraw my winnings?

Very easily. Visit the cashier, select the amount of crypto you would like to withdraw and hit confirm. Within moments the currency will be on its way to you.