5 Online Slots That Failed Us


5 slots we looked forward to with great excitement, but that ultimately failed us

Of course, we all have different opinions when it comes to picking our best and worst online slots. After all, Starburst is still one of the most played slots out there, which kind of says it all. And while many casino streamers often include the same “trending” slots in their setlists, judging by viewer requests there appears to be quite a big difference in taste within the streaming community as well.

You may not agree with our walk of shame here, and that’s fine, but for what it is worth, this is our list of 5 slots we had great expectations of, but that ultimately failed us. Keep in mind however, that these providers are only listed here because we have HIGH expectations on them, knowing their great potential to deliver awesome slots.

1. The Falcon Huntress (Thunderkick)

This was supposed to be Thunderkick’s take on the classic Book of Ra type of games with expanding symbols. To be fair they did most of it right and we actually do kind of like the game. However, the lack of big win videos and screenshots speaks for itself. Either players never embraced it or it’s gimped. The Falcon Huntress advertises a max win of 10050x and of course we can’t keep track of all big wins uploaded, but to the best of our knowledge we haven’t seen anything close to that potential.

This is a high variance online slot, which means it will be dry more often than not, but still, there’s something about it that seems off, as if unbalanced almost, possibly due to much of the RTP being allocated to the expanding symbols in the main game.

The Falcon Huntress review.

2. King Kong Fury (NextGen Gaming)

This one is kind of lol and it’s very much our own fault. When first reviewed, we made the mistake of calculating the max win at 12500x, when in fact it was 500x per single spin. This led us to hype the game as one of the most interesting releases of the year, something which in retrospect, and to our horror, was picked up by casino streamers who obviously had read our review. Shame on us.

King Kong Fury turned out to be a mediocre game at best and is pretty much forgotten by now. Move on, nothing to see.

King Kong Fury review.

3. Reptoids (Yggdrasil Gaming)

Reptoids is probably the biggest yawner on the list. Yggdrasil are really good with production and the theme is pretty cool, we’ll give them that. But what good is all the bling, bling when the math team can’t do their job (or are not allowed to?).

Playing the main game is about as exciting as trying to assemble Billy the bookshelf from IKEA, and while it’s always cool to trigger bonuses it never fails to disappoint us. We’re still waiting for Yggdrasil Gaming to release a game where players actually have a fair chance, but we’re not holding our breath.

Reptoids review.

4. Asgardian Stones (NetEnt)

This game wasn’t so much a disappointment since we saw it coming, having reviewed it long before launch. Asgardian Stones got it’s legs cut off in our review, which likely contributed to NetEnt’s decision (and Microgaming and Yggdrasil too) to cut off our access to their upcoming games. We seem to do a great job pissing everyone off!

We actually feel bad for the team that produced this slot because it’s probably not their fault that NetEnt decided it should be coded to rip people off. The production is superb, something we think most will agree on, and it had huge potential to become a worthy follow up to Gonzo’s Quest. Instead NetEnt decided to recycle the worthless math model they’ve been making use of as of late, with a high variance typ of gameplay, but with low variance payouts. Why NetEnt?

Asgardian Stones review.

5. Extra Chilli (Big Time Gaming)

It might come as a surprise to many to see this game being listed here…or maybe not? Yes, we were guilty of having hyped this slot, but can you really blame us? Everything that Big Time Gaming takes on seems to turn into gold, and Bonanza 2!? What could possibly go wrong?

In retrospect we ask ourselves if this game was really necessary, and in a way we feel it sort of stained the legacy of the original Bonanza. We know it’s capable of big wins, we’ve seen a 2000x here and a 5000x there, but that is not the point. It’s a lazy update, and a Frankenstein version of Bonanza with the feature drop added, plus the terrible decision to allow players to gamble their bonuses. To be completely honest, from a responsible gaming perspective, just no.

But then again, we’re gamblers and we can sit here and moralize and point fingers, but somewhere deep inside we all probably get a kick out of freaky stuff like this, which is likely part of the reason to why we’re all so attracted to Big Time Gaming.

Extra Chilli was a big success, that can’t be denied, but in our opinion it should have remained on the drawing board to make room for something more innovative.

Extra Chilli review.

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen. Again, you probably don’t agree with everything written here, and that’s fine. We’d love to see your list of disappointing games so feel free to comment below. And may we add – if there was a number 6 on this list, we would have added everything released by Microgaming this year. Bah.

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