6 Nosy Questions To Captain Rizk


Ever wondered who the alter ego of Captain Rizk is? Or if he can use his super powers to hack slot machines? Unfortunately we don’t have the answer to that, but here are 6 other questions we asked our hero in red.

For many years now, Rizk Casino has been our favorite go-to casino when the urge to play slots sets in. It’s without a doubt one of the most well known online casinos, not only thank’s to its easily identifiable logo or the many TV commercials, but because Rizk has come to be known as one of the most trustworthy online casinos out there and because they take responsible gambling seriously. In fact, there are so many good things to say about this casino that a whole article could be spent just pointing out the positive. It truly is a template for success in the world of iGaming.

But we don’t have time to go on about all of that right now because Captain Rizk is here and we all know how super busy he is. Let’s just fire our questions!

Which are your personal top 3 favorite game providers?

When I play, my first port of call is Quickspin – the games that they have been putting out over the last 12-18 months in particular have just been getting better and better. I really like the gameplay and the rhythm to it plus a lot of the ways that the wins come can make for a really exciting session.

Secondly Play’n Go – their games tend to be pretty unique and, whilst it is an understatement to say that I am not a big fan of Hugo himself, I just love playing Hugo’s Goal – it just gives a feeling that you can hit a really good win at any point!

Lastly, whilst I am still a big fan of a lot of the legacy NetEnt games (Jack and the Beanstalk, Steam Tower, Invisible Man etc) I think that Push Gaming have come out with some great games – really like Fat Rabbit and I think that Blaze of Ra could be a real winner.

What is the most memorable win you’ve seen in your casino in recent times?

Easy! The winner that Rizk had on Queen of Riches. A player hit a near 20,000x hit. You can see it here:

A Swedish player bet 5 SEk (€0.50) and won an unbelievable 97,813.75 SEK (€9,781)

Rizk seems to have put extra focus on responsible gambling and fairness. This, along with good service, a great selection of games and a generous reward system that includes no wager free spins, is likely what has contributed to making your casino one of the most popular in the industry. Speaking of no wager free spins, we know that one of your players made a substantial withdrawal starting with just free spins, could you tell us more about that?

This was insane! I couldn’t believe it. I saw that there had been a pretty big winner but when I went to look at the account there were zero deposits showing – I thought there must be a problem with the system. So I opened the game transactions – it was just unreal.

This player registered and then, like all of our players, got to spin The Wheel of Rizk for free and won €25 of real money! However, instead of withdrawing it immediately, he decided to play a little more, and then a lot more!! In just 8 hours he amassed an amazing €64,000. I haven’t seen anything like it before in my time in online gaming. Needless to say, he was a very happy customer!!

Gamblers are often a superstitious bunch and it’s not uncommon for players to suspect casinos of being in control of the slots. What can you tell us about this and do you have any influence at all on the games?

I know but I understand it – it is difficult not to be. From my own experience when I play, when I hit a bonus round then I always think it is time to play something else – even though I know that it is irrelevant. It is just the way that the human brain is wired.

We have zero control over what happens – some operators have a different range of RTP to their games and we always choose the highest. The games have to go through a huge testing process that is performed by 3rd party testing houses that specialize in this. They play billions of rounds and ensure that the gameplay is fair and that it proves the RTP that the game provider claims.

That isn’t to say that it doesn’t go through patches where the RTP is, for example, 65% over a certain period. However it also goes through long periods when it is higher than the stated RTP. But overall in the end it hits the RTP over the long term.

Recently we’ve started to see games with ultra high variance and potential, especially games coming from Big Time Gaming. We know that the RTP is supposed to adjust itself in the long run, but we also know games like that can possibly hit a casino very hard in the short run. Does this bother you or affect your operation in any way?

No it doesn’t bother us at all. Of course, high variance games are not for everyone and you need to understand that you can go through some very long runs where it just doesn’t seem to pay. However, we understand and trust in the RTP and the maths model and that we know that even if we get a huge winner on the very first spin of any new slot that the RTP will kick in the longer term. It is great to get big winners in our opinion – after all, isn’t that what we all play and hope for? That one of life-changing moment?

When you “sign a deal” with a game provider, do you automatically get access to their whole catalog, or do you make a game per game agreement?

When we sign a provider we want their entire catalogue – we might not release all the games (lets face it, every supplier has had some real shockers at some point) and of course it depends which games are licensed in which regions/locations, but on the whole we will try to offer the vast majority of games. We do also have some rules that we follow – some providers have some games with very low RTP’s (under 95% for example) but we refuse to add those to the site because we don’t believe that it provides the player with a good, value for money, entertainment experience.

We believe that the player deserves the best choice of games possible.

Thank you Captain Rizk for taking the time to speak to us and best of luck with whatever Rizky business you’re going up against!

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