Are Game Studios Paying Casino Streamers to Play Their Slots?


In spite of the ever increasing demand for online casinos and game developers to make gambling less harmful and to ease back on advertising, the casino streaming community continues to thrive. It is even experiencing a popularity growth spurt. Remarkably, whilst casinos that wish to advertise during commercial breaks on TV need to comply with all sorts of rules and regulations, the same restrictions don’t seem to apply to streaming. No wonder casinos and game studios find it to be such an attractive marketing platform.

Huge stakes day in and day out, alcohol consumption whilst gambling, streamers who claim to be “printing money”, gambling being promoted as a social activity – it can be questioned whether it would pass anywhere else other than in the world of casino streaming. So why can this continue? Well, it’s possible that the regulators don’t understand the technology and are thus slow to react, or maybe it’s even out of their reach. Whatever the case, right now is the golden era of casino streaming.

It’s not just that Twitch and Youtube is a great advertising platform for affiliates to make money from, they are also being sponsored by the casinos with what seems like unlimited deposit bonuses and other reimbursements which some argue gives a false impression of gambling. But more recently, casino streamers have also found other sources of income as well. In our talks with various game studios, it has come to our understanding that some streamers, as well as the communities associated with them, frequently receive money from certain game developers to play their slots live on stream.

Just to make things clear. It is not illegal to do so, and game developers, just like the casinos, are free to sponsor whomever they want. Still, we need to ask the question. Is it fair towards the viewers to keep such agreements from light? Are you led to believe that certain games are good for you to play when in fact they may not be? Do streamers have any responsibility at all in a situation like this?

Over the years, we have befriended many representatives of the established game studios and most of them are outstanding people who are very passionate about their work. Rarely have they tried to influence our opinion on the games. In fact, most of them have told us that they hold Bigwinboard in high regard since we give them constructive feedback, even when negative, whilst never giving anyone any advantages over the other.

Now, whenever the subject of casino streaming is brought up during our talks with developers, it becomes clear that they’re quite polarized. Some of the big providers that we have talked to claim they refuse to pay streamers any money to play their games, and they likely don’t have to either since they’re in such popular demand that avoiding to play their games would have a negative impact on the streamer. Streamers who have approached these studios with such “offers” have simply received the cold hand and been told – ‘good luck not playing our games.’

But then there are those game developers who are not quite as popular with players and who, as it turns out, would be happy to pay a large amount of money for some exposure. Who wouldn’t look happy playing their games with some serious money in the pocket, no matter how bad the bonus frequency, or how terribly generic they look and play.

Meanwhile, the viewers are led to believe that these games are the best thing since sliced bread – ‘my favorite streamer is playing X provider every day, so surely they must be good‘. Again, no one is actually doing anything wrong from a legal standpoint. This kind of thing goes on everywhere after all, not just in the casino streaming world. Thus, we are not here to point finger, but merely to make viewers aware of what may be going on and to help them make the right decisions for themselves. Just like we try to do in our unbiased reviews in other words.

If you expect us to single someone out, we’re sorry to disappoint you. Just as is the case with fake casino streamers and those who use bots to give their viewer count a boost, there is rarely enough evidence to actually prove anything, although in one case, a streamer did decide to be upfront with his community members, asking them for advice whether it would be morally right to accept money that had been offered to him by a certain provider.

So, how to tell if a streamer is being sponsored by a game developer? Well, it’s a tough one for sure. If a certain streamer is giving a second class developer an unreasonable amount of playtime, that can certainly be an indication, although it doesn’t have to mean anything other than that the streamer in question has bad taste in slots (lol).

On a final note, this article was not written as an investigative piece, but more to give our readers some insight into what’s going on behind the scenes in the casino industry. Of course, non of this might matter to you, and to many it might even sound like a dream getting paid by providers to play their games all day long. Indeed, it sounds like a lot of fun, but gambling is a serious matter and it begs to ask the question – should streamers, who essentially ask of their viewers to take a monetary risk, be open about the fact that they take no risk at all? What is your opinion on the matter. Let us know in the comments below.

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