Bigwinboard 2020 Awards – Voting Now Open!


2020 Bigwinboard Awards Now Declared Open!

It’s that time of the year players! 2020 is drawing to a close giving us a perfect chance to look back to reflect on the highlights. As always, time has flown by in a blur, and what a year it’s been. Amidst worldwide lockdowns, social distancing, and general upheaval, 2020 has been a strange one indeed. While humanity heads into the new year with a mix of trepidation and quiet optimism, the iGaming world has been firing on all cylinders.

Through it all, the highs and lows, Bigwinboard has been there, impartially reviewing all of the most important releases. We continue to be completely unbiased when approaching each review to help our readers make the most well-informed decisions possible. By remaining transparently independent, Bigwinboard has grown to become one of the biggest and most influential online slots reviewing sites in the world with tens of thousands of monthly visitors. It’s not just our voice, though. We want to hear what our readers think were the finest games, the most creative providers, and the most enjoyable operators, in the 2020 Bigwinboard Awards.

2020 has been a great one for slots with several smaller studios disrupting the status quo, while the more established aristocrats churned out a bunch of big hits. New games have come thick and fast, some have been huge, while others failed to make an impression. Once again, it was another year of Megaways where the popular mechanic proved unstoppable. It feels like every studio and their dog has either forked out for a license from Big Time Gaming or is lining up to get one. Its ubiquity means several Megaways driven titles have made it to the top 2020 list. More surprisingly was the release of two brand spanking new ‘Mega’ mechanics from BTG – Megaclusters and Megaquads – which shook up how we define gaming. Others studios forged their own path, creating exhilarating experiences via astonishing graphics/effects, features, or monster potential.

This leads to the battle of providers and operators. Several admirably stepped up in 2020, raising the bar and more than a few eyebrows in the process. Each provider has a different work ethic, from frequently dropping new slots, to taking time to craft one or two ultra high-quality releases. Both methods yield varying degrees of success. As for online casinos, there are several key elements required to run a safe, fair operation. Having met them, it’s the details, large and small, that separate the average operator from the stellar ones you keep coming back to.

With all that, it’s now time to decide which online slot, game studio, and casino should be crowned the best of 2020. What’s special about the Bigwinboard Awards is they are chosen solely by our readers. This is no self-congratulatory ceremony; no academy elects who should win here – favouritism or bias play no part. For this reason, the industry watches these awards closely, since it is players themselves who decide the results. As they say, with great power comes great responsibility, so take your time to check the fantastic entries in the three categories. Then, decide which ones have made the greatest impact, been the most memorable, or are simply the most fun to play by casting your vote by December 15!

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