Bigwinboard Talks Reactoonz 2 With Play’n GO


Bigwinboard boards the spaceship to discuss the highly anticipated Reactoonz 2 release with Play’n GO’s Tommy Adolfsson Saarela

Few have learned to master the art of crafting grid slots as skillfully as Play’n GO. In fact, this particular category of games has pretty much come to be synonymous with the Swedish developer. Based on the Energoonz slot, which was released back in what seems like ages ago now, the first Reactoonz game set foot on earth in 2017. Punters haven’t stopped playing it since. In Sweden, where Bigwinboard operates from, Reactoonz is still amongst the 10 most played slots on the market, which is quite remarkable given the short shelf life of most slots today.

Fast forward three years and Play’n GO have decided to release a sequel simply titled Reactoonz 2. Big news indeed, since we’re talking about a follow up to one of the best, if not the best, grid slot ever made. Tommy Adolfsson Saarela from Play’n GO was kind enough to spare some time to talk to us about the highly anticipated release.

Q: Hi, Tommy! You can’t believe how stoked we were to hear the news of a Reactoonz sequel. When we published the announcement, it immediately blew up. Players are crazy about Reactoonz, and apparently the original is still incredibly popular. Why do you think that is? What is it about Reactoonz that captures the fascinated attention of players? After all, it’s regarded by many as one of the best grid slots ever made.

Tommy: We’re so glad to hear you and so many others are so excited about Reactoonz 2! We’re excited for the world to see just how we’ve created a new experience with a much-loved Play’n GO title.

There are several factors that we think have led to the original Reactoonz being such a beloved game in the industry. Firstly, the format; after releasing Gemix and Viking Runecraft, we really popularised the cascading grid format with players. We wanted to give them more of what they enjoy, but we didn’t want to retread old ground, it had to be completely different from what had gone before.

That leads us to the second factor, which is the concept. We needed something new, something vastly different previous titles to expand player choice and give a new experience. After a lot of deliberation and ideas, Reactoonz was born! Of course, there was still a lot of development to do, but we had the basis of what the game would become. Finally, it’s the gameplay itself. There’s so much to delight in, so many features to experience and, coupled with visuals and music; it creates something great for players to enjoy.

“we knew we had something special on our hands from the start with Reactoonz”

Q: We’ll be honest. Reactoonz wasn’t an instant love affair thing for us. It took some time to grasp the concept and understand all the things going on in the game. We’re still not sure we fully understand every aspect of it. But it doesn’t seem to matter; it’s such a happy slot with a perfect math model to match the enticing gameplay. It’s a game with an impressively long shelf-life that’s still going strong. When you wrapped up production, did you guys have any idea that it would turn out to be such a massive hit?

A: Of course, you know not every game is going to take the world by storm, you hope it will, but it’s not always the case! But there are games that you feel have the right components to do well and, at the time, Reactoonz was one of those.

During our planning and development stages, we look at where and how the game could have an impact, so it’s not just a ”hit and hope” kind of scenario. You don’t create a game on the chance it will do well, you tailor a game using experience and knowledge of the industry and the landscape of the markets. When you look at all of these aspects, you can begin to get an inkling of a game’s potential and, as the process continues, maybe you see that a game can do even more than you originally thought. But, I believe we knew we had something special on our hands from the start with Reactoonz.

Q: It’s interesting to us, and possibly to you as well, that Reactoonz seems unaffected by current trends. It’s not really one of those ultra volatile, supermassive potential slots made to show off big wins for shock value on Youtube. It’s far more laid back, yet it continues to attract loads of views and hype on the same level as the type of slots mentioned. Why is that you think?

A: What many people tend to overlook is the entertainment value of slots; we are, firstly, an entertainment industry. It is our duty to entertain players, and as a form of entertainment, we are maturing and developing constantly.

We realised early on, the entertainment value of a slot is as essential as the potential for big wins. Entertainment gives you longevity. It’s no longer enough to stick some bright lights and loud music on a slot and promise big wins; people want to be entertained.

We craft our slots with strong themes and narratives, and we pay close attention to the gameplay and the journey it takes the player on. That’s why Reactoonz and a lot of our other slots perform consistently over long periods whereas others peak quite quickly and then drop.

reactoonz 2

“People have been calling for another Reactoonz game for years, but we weren’t going to make it until we felt we had something to add to what we already had in the first game”

Q: Obviously, Reactoonz 2 is bigger and possibly even more action-packed as we’ve seen in our review. For one, you’re almost twice as likely to win over 1,000 xbet in Reactoonz 2 than you are in the original. What did you want to achieve when you set about to craft this sequel? Surely there must have been some pressure knowing how popular the original is?

A: Believe it or not, there’s not really any pressure. Nothing was forcing us to make this game; we felt that we had the right ideas and concepts to make something that would further the experience of the original and that it was the right tie to explore those ideas.

People have been calling for another Reactoonz game for years, but we weren’t going to make it until we felt we had something to add to what we already had in the first game. For some, a sequel can be a bit of a cash grab or an alternative to coming up with something original, we are just telling more of a story, and we’re confident people will enjoy that.

Q: So how exactly is Reactoonz 2 different from the original?

A: You’ll have to play it and see! No, of course, there will be elements of the original in Reactoonz 2, we don’t want to strip away everything that people enjoy about the first one; otherwise, there’s no connection and no point in making a sequel. 

While you’ll recognise all of the Reactoonz, and Gargantoon and they’ll perform some of the same functions, we’ve got some new symbols on the grid and new features to be enjoyed. We’re not going to say too much; you can experience it all for yourself!

Q: You guys have an incredibly high production rate, yet most of the titles go on to become successful. It’s truly fascinating. Sometimes we joke about having to hire a full team just to dedicate their time reviewing your games. What is the key to your success and how do you manage to maintain such high quality?

A: There’s no real secret; it’s just our dedication to creating the best entertainment possible. We put the quality of our content at the top of our priorities; we don’t release a game until we know it’s the best it can possibly be.We use our knowledge and experience of the industry to craft titles that we know will appeal to players and perform for our operators;  that’s the important thing. We understand what players want, what excites them, what piques their interest and we put those elements together in each and every game we produce…and it works.

Q: Never once have you guys interfered with our reviews or questioned them, even when there’s been negative criticism. You seem more set on taking in the feedback and learn from it. Would you agree with that observation?

A: You can’t learn anything if you only listen to people who agree with you. Feedback is vital to us because we use it to learn how to improve, and that’s why we’re in such a strong position. Whether it be from sites like yourself or feedback from our operating partners, we take everything on board, good or bad to be the best version of Play’n GO that we can be.

Q: Finally, is there anything you guys want to say to our readers?

A: Check out Reactoonz 2!

Reactoonz 2 can be played on all Play’n GO casinos starting October 1. Read our in-depth review of the game here.

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