Blueprint Gaming Set to Launch Big Win Board: New Innovative Leaderboard

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Blueprint Gaming to launch innovative new leaderboard – Big Win Board

Blueprint Gaming’s Big Win Board, not to be confused with

Don’t be confused by the name, we cannot take credit for Blueprint Gaming’s new innovative leaderboard. Big Win Board is an in-game feature designed to celebrate and illuminate players big wins.

The feature displays the Top 50 Big Wins Daily, Weekly, Monthly and All Time on a single game or across all Blueprint games live with the operator. Displaying large wins in order of stake multiplier, the tool has been designed to be inclusive for players of all levels while showcasing the big win potential of Blueprint slots via a replay function.

Blueprint Gaming Big Win Board: Key Features

  • Replay function available for all winning entries allowing users to see potential wins available with real world examples of other players achieving them
  • Congratulations message display alerts players to their winning entry on the board
  • Users own entries are highlighted when they return to view their current position
  • Can be complimented with casino promotions and prizes to add a competitive element
  • Player anonymity is retained at all times
blueprint big win board
Replay of big win in progress

Blueprint Gaming Big Win Board: Player Experience

Upon achieving a win multiplier large enough to place on the Big Win Board, the player is shown a congratulations graphic informing them they have posted an entry on one of the boards. The Big Win Board is then displayed via an overlay and the users win is highlighted so they can track their place on the board. In the event the user has multiple entries to the Big Win Board, they will all be highlighted.  Each entry shows the Win X Bet (win multiplier of the stake) and the time and date the win was achieved.

Users have the option to view a replay of any spin that qualifies for the Big Win Board, this replay opens a new tab and automatically plays the video, showing the entire spin and win animation in full. Users are also given the ability to copy the URL to their own winning spin should they wish to share this.

Depending on the size of the win multiplier, the user’s entry may qualify for one time period e.g. ‘Daily’ or could qualify for all time periods e.g. ‘Daily, Weekly, Monthly and All Time’. Wins are ordered by the size of the win multiple achieved, in the event of two entries of the same win multiplier size, the entry achieved first is displayed in the higher position.

It is possible for the user to toggle between ‘Current Game’, showing only wins achieved on the title the player is currently playing, or ‘All Games’, which displays information on wins achieved across all Blueprint games which are live with the operator. Should players wish to navigate back to view the board at any point, they can use the Big Win Board button which is permanently present in the game UI once the feature has been activated.

The Big Win Board allows casinos to enhance the slot player experience without the need to reward players with bonuses or enticements. Players achieving wins which qualify for the board may naturally take in interest in wanting to protect their position in the future, generating loyalty for the operator as users return to check and improve their position on the board.

In addition, the tool adds a layer of transparency to players big wins being achieved on games, this ability to replay large wins and see when they occurred offers users more information than they are normally presented with. Showing the size of bet, multiplier, win amount, a replay of how an in-game feature plays and offering exposure to key elements which make games payout large wins will interest some slots players. This is the same set of circumstances that has led to the rise in popularity of slots streamers in recent years.

When and where?

Initially, the Blueprint Gaming Big Win Board will only feature the Wish Upon A Leprechaun slot game, but more titles are to be connected to the system in the road ahead. The leaderboard is set to go live at a selection of casinos starting on the 24th of October. Make sure to record your wins and share them in our new casino forum!

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