Broken Casino Games at Videoslots Allows Players to Withdraw Millions SEK


Customers win millions of Swedish Krona playing broken Merkur games at Videoslots – casino voids all winnings, demanding withdrawals to be paid back in full

No Merkur slots available at Videoslots at the time of writing

Since last night, several threads have been appearing on various discussion boards around the web with players raising complaints over voided winnings at Videoslots. According to the players, Videoslots claims to have been having technical problems with Merkur slots which has allowed customers to wager bets without having money in the account.

Having made a successful withdrawal of 158,000 Swedish Krona (approx 15,000€) after a “lucky” run on the game Rasputin, one player turned to the Swedish forum Flashback to ask members for advice. Another player, managing to built up his 25€ deposit to a 9000€ balance and then requesting a withdrawal of 8200€, suddenly had his account deactivated. Citing technical problems with the same game provider, Videoslots declared all winnings void.

It’s not unlikely to assume that many more have exploited this technical failure with large sums having been paid out to customers as a result. In at least one known case, as seen in a screenshot shared by the player, Videoslots threatened reporting the customer to the police if refusing to comply.

What will happen now is yet to be seen, but Videoslots seems to have removed all Merkur slots for now as can be seen in the screenshot. We will make sure to update this article if more information becomes available to us.

Update June 24, 2019:

Videoslots representatives have now made an official statement, citing technical issues during approximately 48 hours between the 21st and 22nd of June. According to Videoslots, the issue resulted in no bets being deducted from play whilst wins were still being credited as usual. This, in turn, allowed some players to substantially build up their cash balances and make successful withdrawals.

As a result of the backlash against the company on social media for having demanded the cash to be paid back, Videoslots has now decided to let these players keep their winnings although the terms and conditions specifically state that players should not be entitled to the money. However, the players will remain blocked and not allowed back until an agreement has been made with Videoslots.

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