Casino Community In Heated Debate Over Controversial Casino Streamers



Heated discussions in the casino community as streamers are caught targeting vulnerable gamblers and accused of playing with fake money

It’s been a turbulent week in the heartland of the casino community and at the center of it all is a topic that has been the subject of controversy for years now – casino streaming. Unlike we have previously predicted, casino streaming still appears to be thriving, although regulations and laws remain as much of a threat to those who stream their casino activities on Twitch and YouTube as ever before. Not only are a growing number of casinos prohibiting streaming in their marketing guidelines, but the dubious actions of some of the big streamer names undoubtedly continue to cast a shadow over the community as a whole.

Website targeting problem gamblers

While view-botting, irresponsible gambling, and fake money streaming have become somewhat of a norm on Twitch, a couple of events brought up on the forum Casinomeister have led to heated discussions and accusations of foul play. Set out to bring awareness to a serious problem and to expose those affiliates who deliberately target vulnerable gamblers, the owner of the forum, Bryan, initiated a topic that eventually came to center much around streamers. The community, outraged and incensed by the unethical behavior of affiliates who were caught trying to lure in problem gamblers by ranking pages using “Non-GamStop Casinos” keywords, called for industry representatives to cut all ties and take proper action.

Targeting problem gamblers is indeed a widespread problem. In July 2019, Swedish business news site Breakit published an article on affiliates using Google to advertise casinos not connected to Spelpaus, the Swedish equivalent of UK’s GamStop service. To quote Bryan; “problem gambling is a tragedy – and should not be a marketing ploy.

The next controversy does likely not come as a surprise to those familiar with the Twitch casino scene. Roshtein is a streamer with a large following and also someone with an infamous reputation of promoting irresponsible gambling, often accused of playing with fake money while also using viewer bots as a means to maintain a top position in the Twitch casino section.

These rumors have persistently followed Roshtein around since his early days of streaming exclusively for Multilotto, which at the time only had Play’n GO listed as a provider and where he would spend all his streaming hours playing slots with massive stakes of well over €50 per spin. Moreover, Multilotto also became known amongst streamers as a casino offering fake money to promote them on Twitch.


In a YouTube clip that was recently uploaded by a user called Patrick Yates, Roshtein can be seen in one of his live streams showcasing the practice mode available on N1 Casino. While explaining the purpose of the practice mode to his viewers, Roshtein appears to click the button by mistake, saying; “now I have to show it“. As the game loads up, it does something it is not supposed to do – it displays a real money balance. To this, Roshtein reacts by stating “that’s my balance there” whilst quickly closing the window, seemingly uncomfortable and perplexed. Having made no further attempt to investigate what could have gone wrong, Roshtein simply brushes it off and continues as if nothing has happened.

According to critics, the situation indicates that he could be using a fake money account provided by N1 Casino. Whether this is the case or not is something that is currently debated on several casino communities. While it remains to be seen what will come out of it, only one thing is for certain – it’s not the last time casino streaming will stir up controversy.

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