Casino Employees Share Their Wildest Stories



Casino employees are asked: what is the worst you’ve ever seen someone handle a loss. This is what they had to say.

Casinos are often viewed as places of excitement, fantasy, and excess. When many of us think of casinos, we may picture James Bond sitting by a Baccarat table gracefully sipping his Martini, or we image legendary places such as Las Vegas, Macau, or Monte Carlo. Beneath the glamorous surface, however, the world of land-based casino can be quite a decadent, and actually, rather sad place.

Being seasoned gamblers that we are here at Team Bigwinboard, and having seen one or two crazy things take place during our nights out, we were curious to hear more about all the insane things that can happen when gamblers lose the grip. We did some research to find some of the wildest stories from the casino employees themselves and this is what they had to say!

The urinating gentleman

A gentleman at a poker table in the five seat unzipped his pants and urinated on the dealer. I never caught the signal the dealer used, but it was effective as all the guys who normally collect boxes from the tables show up out of nowhere and removed him from the table like they were taking out the trash (well, they were…). Table broke up so they could clean, dealer showered and put on a new uniform and I saw her on the floor again a few hours later.

The vomiter

Dealer for 10 years. 3rd day dealing fresh out of dealer school, I am dealing Pai Gow Tiles (Asian domino game, try to get pairs and tiles to add up as close to 9 as possible). On a $25 minimum game. Guy bets $25-$75 for a good 2 hours. He then slides his whole stack on one hand for 3k.

For those who know the game, he gets Teen-Dai Bo. I pull Ji-Jun. For those who do not know the game, its like he got pocket kings and I got pocket Aces. Or he pulled a 20 in blackjack and I just pulled 11 cards to make 21. The odds are ASTRONOMICAL. It’s the ONLY hand that beats him.

He slams his fist on the table swearing in chinese, chips fly everywhere, and begins to shove his finger down his throat. He self-induces vomit all over my game… Close the table and pit down for clean-up. 3rd day dealing. Money/benefits are great though. Highly recommend the industry. Made 30-40 an hr.

The flashing spender

Table games dealer here. I work at a casino in New Zealand. Had a Thai woman a few months ago betting 300k a hand. She lost 12 million at my table in less than an hour. The casino then paid for her private charter jet to Melbourne and back ($70,000) so she could get more money. Not exactly sure why she had to go to Melbourne to get more money, but I was doing a 16 hour shift and she came back to my table after her trip and dropped another 15 million.

Haven’t had anyone close to spending that much money ever. She would also flash herself at dealers ‘for luck’ and requested only young white dealers. Almost all baccarat dealers at my casino are Asian so I had to deal to her every night for 10 days.

The sad one

I actually did work in a casino in Las Vegas a few years back, in VIP services. One of our high rollers, who visited frequently, had a very bad gambling problem that his wife was divorcing him over. He lost everything at the tables and couldn’t even afford his plane ticket back home. He threatened go to the roof of the hotel and throw himself off. The casino felt so sorry for him, we ended up buying a ticket back home for him.

Never heard from him again after that. Yes it did actually happen, it was a brand new casino so i am sure they didn’t want to risk just ignoring his threats. Also, no one MADE him gamble. Vegas was not built on winners.

The wholesome dealer

Former table dealer here. I’ve had drunk guys tell me I’m the worst dealer ever, I suck, etc. I would just reply “have a nice day!” The other people at the table were generally on my side. I’ve high rollers slam the table with their fist or not react at all to losing thousands.

The worst and the saddest one that sticks in my mind is a guy who was around $2000 down on blackjack. He was nice. He was tipping pretty well. I was rooting for him, as a I tended to do. I knocked his tens for good luck. Then he lost a big one and just yelled “FUCK!” so loud that the entire casino must’ve heard it. It was the kind of desperation in his voice and everything about him that told me he could not afford to lose as much as he just lost. He went to the atm, and I rotated to another table.

It was shit like that, the goddamn smoke in my face, sleep deprivation from the late nights that led me to get out of there. A lot of other unpleasant moments too, but they all blur together. Money was nice, but it wasn’t for me.

The tragic one

I was security at a Casino for a few years, saddest story for me was this older gentleman let’s call him “Tom” for privacy sake. Tom would frequent the Casino every day spending anywhere from $200-$300, I had striked up lots of conversations with him because he was a regular and he was genuinely kind person who I enjoyed seeing.

One day Tom comes in and I can tell he is upset. I don’t make anything of it, but after seeing the guy for a few years almost everyday, that day he looked really “off”, so a couple hours go by and I track him down and ask how’s the day going? Any big wins? Just general chit chat. He starts sobbing, tears running down his face, his wife had passed away from “sudden cardiac death” is what I believe he called it, the night before, and he was devastated.

We talked for quite awhile, I tried comforting him while he played the machines, I had noticed he was betting EXTREMELY large, $200-$300 per spin on the slot machine. I knew that was a lot for him, but I didn’t saying anything because it’s not my business and I was sure it’s a coping mechanism for him at the moment, doing something he loved when he just lost the love of his life.

Hours later I see him heading out the door, I run up to him, catch him and wish him all the best and that I’ll see him soon. He smiled, said thanks for the chat and thank you for the condolences and left.

He booked a room in our hotel and killed himself that night. I found out through some other staff who were sort of friends of his family that he had spent all of his money, every dime that evening spinning high limit on the machines. I’m assuming because he wanted a little enjoyment before he took his life. Still makes me upset I didn’t invite him or over or do anything else because I knew he was in pain.

The protester

This lady with a serious gambling problem was asked to leave as she’d been in the building for over her limit. As a protest, she pissed her pants and dripped it into the slot machine she was at and refused to stand up or walk out. Had to be dragged with piss running down her legs dripping onto the carpet, down an escalator and onto the street.

The guy that lost it all

I sat next to a guy. He drove a Pepsi truck. He said his mom died and left him $30,000. He’d never seem this much money before so he thought he could turn it into $100,000. We’re at the blackjack table. He’s getting wasted and crying inconsistently bc of his mom, talking about her dying.

The cocktail waitresses are cock-teasing him the whole night and he tips them $25s every drink. In 2 hours he loses everything. He has this look of nervousness on his face and said his wife is going to kill him if she finds out about this, bc they have 4 kids and wanted to buy a house. He walked out, 10 minutes later I go to my car and see that he got a DUI.

In 24 hours, his mom died, he gets a ton of money, loses it all, will probably get divorced, gets a DUI, and is sitting in the back of a cop car with blue balls from the cocktail waitresses.

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