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People may have different opinions on how to compare big wins, but the general consensus is to look at how many times the bet a player has won. It turns out Blackcatseven had the biggest win of all casino streamers during 2017 with his 8163x win on Dead or Alive!

In terms of cash it may not stand out in particular, but in terms of multiplier it is a massive win. In fact, it was not only the single biggest casino streaming win during 2017, but likely of all times. 8163x is thus the number to beat if you want to take over the record.

Blackcatseven wagered 4,50 Swedish Krona (€1 approx 10 Swedish Krona) and won 36,737,00 on Thrills Casino. The streamer had a good run during the session and also managed to trigger the Hot Mode in Terminator 2 (Microgaming) as well as the triple bonus in Nirvana (Yggdrasil).

Blackcatseven has had around 15 wild lines to date, three of them happening in the same month.

Watch the record win here:

An interesting coincidence is that another Swedish player managed to hit two massive wins within a week, on the same game and the same casino. The player first won over 1 million Swedish Krona triggering a wild line on max bet, which was followed by a 5 scatter win a couple of days later resulting in a 500 000 Krona win.

Casino streamer Jimbo Casino also had an impressive run on Dead or Alive, betting €7.20 and winning €41,233,60 (5726 times the bet).

Have a look here…

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