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Clover Craze: Slot Overview

Four-leaf clovers have been associated by some with good luck, though where the idea came from isn't very clear. At least this was what Wikipedia had to say on the subject, while also mentioning a 2017 survey of around 7 million clovers in Central Europe, which showed the frequency of four-leaf clovers (to three-leaf clovers) to be approximately 5,000 to 1. Even rarer are five-leaf clovers at 24,400 to 1, or the rarer still six-leaf clovers at 312,500 to 1. It doesn't seem so rare to find clovers in certain online slots due to their association with luck and all that. Developer Red Tiger has put them to use in the online slot Clover Craze, where all the clovers are of the four-leaf variety.

As well as clovers, Clover Craze is full of classic slot icons such as fruit, bells and so on. It's not exactly a hardcore Irish-themed game, though what sounds like a Celtic-inspired ditty plays away in the background, accompanying the clicking sound of the reels as they spin and stop. Clover Craze's wallpaper is made up of a lime to dark green area covered in clovers that are flying through the air or hovering in place, ejecting particles of, not sure, luck? Basically, there are four-leafed items all over the place, helping Clover Craze live up to its name.

Clover Craze slot
Clover Craze slot - base game

Clover Craze is also quite a hypermarket for players who like to buy bonuses, but no matter how the game is approached, a base bet of 10 c to $/€4 must be set. When playing normally, gamblers can theoretically expect 96.25% RTP, dropping a bit to 96.02% when buying features. The clovering occurs on a 5-reel, 3-row gaming matrix, with 20 paylines for landing winning combinations left to right from the leftmost side.

On the symbol side, Clover Craze's got cherries, plums, oranges, lemons, watermelons, grapes, bells, and sevens. The first four fruit symbols on the list award 5x the bet for 5-of-a-kind winning combinations, while the remaining four items pay 12.5 to 150 times the bet for a winning combo of 5 matching symbols.

Clover Craze: Slot Features

Clover Craze slot
Clover Craze slot - respin feature

Clovers, clovers and more clovers are Clover Craze's features. For one thing, Green Clovers and Golden Clovers are wilds, substituting for all paying symbols.

  • Green Clover – a wild that lands on reels 2, 3, and 4. They cover the entire reel if they can form part of a winning combination after doing so .
  • Golden Clover – a wild that lands on the center reel. When it lands in the middle of the reel, it triggers Golden Clover features. If a Golden Clover lands, but it is not in the middle of the reel, it transforms into a Green Clover.
  • Golden Clover x3 – landing a Golden Clover in the middle of the center reel and a Green Clover on an adjacent reel forms a Big Golden Clover 2x3 in size with an x3 win multiplier.
  • Golden Clover x7 – landing a Golden Clover in the middle of the center reel and Green Clovers on both adjacent reels forms a Huge Golden Clover 3x3 in size with an x7 win multiplier.
  • Golden X Clover – landing a Golden Clover in the middle of the center reel and no Green Clovers, Sevens, or Bells land on adjacent reels means the Golden Clover clones on the top and bottom positions of both adjacent reels, creating an X shape.

Golden Clover Cash Respins

Landing a Golden Clover on the middle of the center reel and either a 7 of a bell symbol on an adjacent reel triggers Cash Respins. First, the Golden Clover clones itself on the whole reel, and any wins this creates are paid out. Next, all symbols of the same type as the one which triggered the Cash Respin (sevens or bells) turn golden and get a cash prize representing a stake multiplier: 7s get a cash prize of 3x, while bells get a cash prize of 2x. Only one type of symbol triggers respins. If both a 7 and a bell symbol land on adjacent reels, Cash Respins are triggered by the higher prize symbol, the 7. After that respins start.

Once underway, 3 respins are awarded where only the symbols of the type which triggered them are active. Landing a new symbol of that type locks them and resets the spin count back to 3. Respins end when no new symbols of the required type land in 3 consecutive respins. When respins end, all cash prizes are added up and awarded. Golden Clovers count as cash prizes. It's possible to trigger the Golden Clover x3 and Cash Respins feature. When this happens, the x3 win multiplier of the Big Golden Clover is removed at the start of the respin and does not apply to any wins. The 2x3 Golden Clover counts as 6 cash prize symbols.

Feature Buy

From the feature buy section, players can buy a spin landing a guaranteed Green Clover for 5x the stake, a spin landing a guaranteed Golden Clover in the middle of the grid for 25x the bet, a spin landing a guaranteed Golden Clover x3 feature for 50x the bet, or a spin landing a guaranteed Golden Clover x7 feature for 500x the bet.

Clover Craze slot
Clover Craze slot - x7 Golden clover

Clover Craze: Slot Verdict

What looked like a pretty generic fruit slot at first, just one with a lot more clovers than usual, turned out to have deeper and, at times, fiendish gameplay going on. Remember when Red Tiger shunned bonus buys? None of its games used to have them, so playing patiently was the only way to get to the more exciting bits. Those days are long gone, and Clover Craze offers one of the studio's most audacious bonus buys to date.

Plain old Green Clovers were by far and away the most common of the special clover symbols. They seemed to be there to provide the occasional jolt of excitement, maybe push out a win without doing anything amazing. Golden Clovers, psshh, they could be shy, which is too bad since they're the keys to Clover Craze's best bets, provided they land in the middle of reel 3. Thereby creating Big or Huge Golden Clovers with a multiplier is simultaneously on board. Or, respins.

Clover Craze's nuclear option is the 500x Golden Clover x7 buy. It ain't cheap, but it's not as risky as some buys can be since it is guaranteed to produce a win by dropping a 3x3 wild block possessing an x7 onto the screen. However, after running through a few of these, most ended up in the red, and the biggest returns were in the region of 750x the base bet. This led to a downward balance spiral, but Clover Craze's sizable top prize can be clearly traced out in a thought experiment - stack reels 1 and 5 with sevens, land the 3x3 x7 wild, and boom, 21,000x the bet.

The clover theme wasn't the most interesting thing to stare out while playing Clover Craze, and exciting moments could be few and far between. Still, players who like to stump up for potentially thrilling (or potentially disappointing) single-spin bonus buys might be intrigued by Clover Craze's selection, or anyone else who considers four-leaf clovers to be a fortuitous sign.


Generic presentation and bland gameplay saps much of the enjoyment out of Clover Craze.

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