Understanding Coin Value & Bet Level


Does setting coin value and bet level affect the outcome of the game somehow? Let’s find out!

NetEnt’s game Reel Rush with the option to set both Bet Level and Coin Value

To the experienced player our statement in this article likely won’t come as a surprise, but for the beginner and the recreational player it might. Today we’re going to talk a bit about the coin value and bet level settings, something you more than likey have come across if you for example have ever played NetEnt games.

As a beginner these options can seem a bit overwhelming and even daunting, and most of us have probably at some point in our slotting days fiddled around with these settings trying to make some sense out of it. So what does these things do and how do they affect the game?

The slot developers won’t of course admit it, but the coin value and bet level options were introduced as a mind trick or a sort of psychological warfare on the slot players with only one purpose – to fool the gambler into thinking the games can be controlled or influenced.

Microgaming’s slot Terminator 2 with the option to set coin size and coins

In effect these settings are only a confusing and complicated way of setting the bet size. That is all it’s good for, nothing more, nothing less. If you’ve ever watched casino streams on Twitch chances are you might have seen viewers encourage the streamer to change bet level or coin value as means to increase win chances. Yes, some people actually believe it can be used as a tool to influence the game when all it does is to change the bet size. Others request an increase in coin value for a “more impressing” count up when winning big which is not as problematic from a responsible gambling point of view.

While there are some strategies that can come in handy when trying to beat wager and which you can find out more about here, we feel it’s important to make it perfectly clear that slots cannot be influenced at all. Imagine holding 5 dice in your hand and that in order to win, you need all the dice to line up with the number 1 facing up. That’s simply put how randomness works and nothing can influence it other than chance. The dice can land with the winning combination twice in a row (although unlikely) or it can take weeks of constant rolling until you strike gold.

Gamble responsibly and don’t fool yourself into thinking you know how to beat the slots, because you don’t.

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