Dead or Alive Saloon

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Dead or Alive Saloon evolution


✅ Dead or Alive Saloon Demo & Casinos


5 BTC/€2k/$2k Bonus
Up to 60% rakeback

18+ | Terms Apply | Play Responsibly


€1000 / $1000 / 10 000kr
10% cashback

18+ | Terms Apply | Play Responsibly

rant casino

€1000 / $1000 / 10 000kr
- free spins

18+ | Terms Apply | Play Responsibly


100% up to 1 BTC
Top Crypto Option!

18+ | Terms Apply | Play Responsibly

Dead or Alive Saloon – Overview

Travel back to the Wild West with our Dead or Alive: Saloon Live card game for a chance to cash out big multiplied payouts. The gameplay is unique, fast and easy to master. Bet on a particular card, suit or value and watch the game unfold until the game presenter draws a regular playing card and the round is over. The suspense is high as card after card is drawn – will it be a regular card, a Bonus card holding a multiplier or other benefit, or even a Bounty card?

If luck is on your side and it’s a Bounty card, you’ll transfer into the immersive Bounty Hunt event. Aim, shoot and maximise your multipliers! Afterwards, all drawn multiplier values are added together and will determine your payout in the event of a win. Dead or Alive: Saloon captures the essence of an iconic era with an eye-catching Western saloon setting and authentic game presenter uniforms. Giddy up and embark on a wild journey!

Dead or Alive Saloon evolution

Dead or Alive Saloon – How to Play

Dead or Alive: Saloon is a fast-paced, easy to understand game. The game is played with 52 regular playing cards and 52 Bonus cards. The game presenter will draw cards one by one. You can increase your potential payout by gathering Bonus cards with multipliers. Once a regular playing card is drawn, the round is over.

Place a Bet

The game’s objective is to guess which regular playing card will be drawn first. You can place a bet on numerous options – either a particular card, a specific suit or a certain card value. Alternatively, you can choose to bet on several cards or all cards. The default initial potential win is 20x. This is displayed in the user interface and is set whenever a new game round begins.

Dead or Alive Saloon evolution

Dealing of the Cards

The deck contains 52 regular playing cards, plus 52 Bonus cards made up of: three Double cards, six Bounty cards, twenty 20x multiplier cards, nineteen 30x multiplier cards, three 50x multiplier cards and one 100x multiplier card. Once the betting time is closed, the game presenter starts dealing the cards face up, one by one. If a Bonus card with 20x, 30x, 50x or 100x is drawn, the multiplier value gets added to your initial potential win amount, and the round continues. (Example: initial potential win 20x + 30x Bonus card = 50x potential win amount.) If a Double card is drawn, your existing potential win amount is doubled, (Example: 50x potential win amount x 2 = 100x potential win amount.) The Double card does not affect the values of any future Bonus cards.

The Results

The round ends once a regular playing card is drawn. You win if you have correctly predicted which regular playing card will be drawn first. In the event of a win, your bet will be multiplied by your accumulated multiplier value.

Bounty Hunt Event

During a round, if a Bounty card is drawn, you will enter the immersive Bounty Hunt event. You will be presented with three targets, each holding a hidden multiplier value. Select your chosen target, take aim and shoot. The won multiplier is revealed and added to your potential win amount.

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