Diamond Reels uses CND as an Excuse to Confiscate Winnings

At least a couple of players have recently reported their winnings confiscated by Diamond Reels after the casino claiming players are listed in the CND

CND, or the Central Negative Database, is a service provided by Realtime Gaming (RTG) to which many online casinos are connected. It’s a list where players suspected of fraud and other serious offences are listed as means of protection for the casinos. If you get on this list your days as a gambler is pretty much over and there is no way to have your name removed that we know of.

Unfortunately it seems like some online casinos uses this to it’s own advantage and thus making them guilty of cheating themselves. It has come to our knowledge that Diamond Reels seems to systematically refer to this secret database as an excuse to void players winnings.

One player reports having no problem making smaller withdrawals but was met with the cold hand when time came to cash out a larger sum:

In my case I had been playing Diamond Reels for approx 9 months and had been paid 3 cashouts without any problem. I then hit for 15,000. DR paid about 9500 of this and then abruptly stopped saying I was on this “list”. In reading a complaint to my post by another player I now believe that when this player hit for 30,000 DR decided they couldn’t or didn’t want to pay any more big winnings and used this list as a reason to deny him and also the remainder of my winnings.

Another player reports:

I’m quite shocked by this and find it remarkable that they can not pay and not provide even a shred of evidence about this ‘list’ that I suddenly became part of AFTER I won $29,000. I was at first extremely upset but now I am simply determined to pursue this further.

A representative for Diamond Reels made the following statement in regard to the issue:

There is a fact to be said that the casino reserves the right to apply decisions based on feedback and facts from 3rd party providers.

But parking that “formal” comment .. which is a fair one it must be said … lets also be fair to say that no casino would falsely add a player to a CND list unless there is a legitimate reason for them being there. If one has to question a CND, it starts raising questions about the integrity of the software providers who host and maintain these CND lists.

The risk is too great for the casino in terms of banking relationships, loss to the casino as a result of fraudulent play or transacting, disadvantage to legitimate players in the pool, etc. Targeting the regions we do, the risk is far higher for us when it comes to fraudulent play or transacting especially. Potential loss of valuable processors, fines imposed etc.

It should be mentioned that Diamond Reels is an online casino launched in 2015 operating under a Curacao license, which can, but doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. The fact is however that licenses issued by Curacao are simple to acquire and cheap. There is no real regulation to speak of resulting in leaving players vulnerable in the event of a dispute.

We choose not to black list Diamond Reels at this point but we do discourage players from making deposits until the issues are resolved.

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