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Dream Catcher: Overview

Taking up prime real estate in many land-based casinos is the ever-popular big Money Wheel. It’s not just the eye-catching size pulling in crowds of enthusiastic punters keen to have a crack. What’s so great about Money Wheels is they are ultra-easy to play, and someone always wins. Unlike Roulette, there are no zero pockets, nor are there any complicated rules or betting options to get to grips with. This makes them as easy to learn, as they are fast-paced to play.

In 2017, Evolution Gaming released a number of exciting new casino game show titles, and Dream Catcher was the first in their Money Wheel live gaming category. As you’d expect from an industry leader, Dream Catcher is a highly polished production, live-streamed from European studios such as Latvia’s capital city Riga. Hosts are lively and do a brilliant job of keeping players entertained with witty quips, jokes, or general banter.

Play takes place on a big, multi-segmented wheel in a brightly lit room, which Evolution Gaming has gone to great lengths to ensure creates a thrilling environment. Lights and sounds synchronise to amplify the excitement, making the experience an all-round class act. Rounds begin by presenting the whole room, while a dealer entertains players as they place bets. When the wheel slows down after being spun, the camera zooms in, focusing on the result, building tension until the winning result is revealed.

Evolution Gaming is one of the most highly respected names in the industry, holding licenses from the Malta Gaming Authority as well as the UK Gambling Commission – among others. This means players can be confident they are getting a fair deal when playing Dream Catcher. In addition to being fully licensed by multiple regulators, Evolution Gaming uses state of the art multi-camera studios to film the action decked out with top of the line equipment. The wheel, for example, is precision-engineered by TCSJOHNHUXLEY (yes, that is the actual name) to Evolution Gaming’s exacting standards.

Running along the bottom of the screen is an information panel displaying everything players need to participate in the game, such as result history, balance, and betting options. To take part in a game, players choose the size of the chip they would like to bet with; then they place it on any of the 6 options. Gamblers with practically any betting requirement can enjoy Dream Catcher as it offers a wide range of stakes.

Dream Catcher: Features

dream catcher casino

Simply put, it is the players’ job to pick the number they think the Dream Catcher wheel will stop on. The dealer spins the wheel and whoever selected the correct number is paid their winnings. The wheel itself is divided into 54 segments, and each betting option has a different number of segments. Lower numbers have more segments, therefore they have a greater chance of landing. Of course, it means lower numbers pay out less when they do. The overall RTP for Dream Catcher is 96.58%, but each number has a different return value. It has been calculated that betting on number 10 provides the greatest theoretical return, over time.

There are 6 numbers to choose from – 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 40. The payout you receive for picking the correct number corresponds to the number itself:

  • Number 1 – 23 segments paying 1:1.
  • Number 2 – 15 segments paying 2:1.
  • Number 5 – 7 segments paying 5:1.
  • Number 10 – 4 segments paying 10:1.
  • Number 20 – 2 segments paying 20:1.
  • Number 40 – 1 segment 1 paying 40:1.
  • 2x – 1 segment.
  • 7x – 1 segment.

If the wheel lands on one of the multiplier segments, all bets are held, and the wheel spins again. Whatever number lands on the following spin has the multiplier applied to it. Should the wheel land on consecutive multipliers, the values are multiplied together and applied to the next winning number. Let’s say the wheel lands on an x2, then on the next spin an x7 turns up. In this case, an x14 multiplier will be applied to the next spin.

Dream Catcher: Closing Thoughts

Dream Catcher is an ideal choice for both novices and seasoned veterans alike and a great entry level game in the world of casino game shows. There are very few rules to learn, certainly nothing complicated, meaning anyone can be up and running in moments. The UI is very self-explanatory; simply choose your chips, and place them on the numbers you think may turn up. What makes it special is the light, fun atmosphere, amplified by the friendly, chatty dealers, who keep the action flowing.

Dream Catcher’s fantasy scenario is landing consecutive multipliers (x2 or x7) before settling on your chosen bet. Like most fantasies, this won’t arise often, but rest assured the dealer will whipping up excitement when it does. One of the most outrageous hits to date occurred in November 2018 when three x7s in a row hit before the wheel landed on 40. The x343 total multiplier resulted in a 13,720:1 payout for the 158 players who had placed their chips on just the right number. For any players planning to bet big, keep in mind Dream Catcher has a max win of £/€500,000.

Evolution Gaming did a great job of designing Dream Catcher. In short, the production quality is exceptional, the dealers are professional, and the gaming might be simple, yet it can be as thrilling as online gambling gets. From the outset, Evolution Gaming stated slot-players were firmly in mind when they designed Dream Catcher, so it makes an entertaining diversion from spinning reels. If Dream Catcher strikes the right note, it’s also a great stepping stone for exploring the rest of Evolution Gaming’s Money Wheel range.

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