ELK To Celebrate Wild Toro Anniversary With 3 New Hot Releases

Qué pasa players! Hey, what do you remember about 2016? Here are a few cues to jog your memory – Donald Trump became president, Britain voted to leave the EU, and North Korea conducted a bunch of missile tests. Okay, some people might prefer not to dwell on those events, but here’s a piece of positive history. 2016 was the year ELK Studios released Wild Toro, a festival of Spanish culture on the reels that became a breakout hit for the developer, and one which remains popular to this day.

To celebrate the passing of half a decade, ELK has dusted off the Matador’s red muleta to antagonise Toro the bull once again. Actually, not once, but thrice as ELK has planned three new releases as part of their Wild Toro World Tour. For five years, Toro has been chasing the Matador across the same Spanish town; now, it’s time to broaden his wings. Here’s what we’ll have to look forward to…

Wild Toro 2

wild toro 2 slot
Wild Toro 2 – Super Multiplier feature

Beginning on October 7, the first stop on the Wild Toro World Tour keeps it close to home. Wild Toro 2 is a major revamp of the original game, keeping the essence while building on several key areas. Wild Toro 2 is played on an expanding set of reels where familiar features such as Toro Goes Berzerk and Matador Respins return, though in a bigger, brighter, livelier form.

Book of Toro

Stop number two on the World Tour sees Toro and the Matador travel to Egypt, ‘The Land of the Pharaohs.’ Here the duo embarks on a mission to prevent the evil Captain Diaz from finding the Book of Toro and plundering the riches of Abu Simbel. Scheduled for release on November 2, Book of Toro looks to combine Wild Toro antics with classic ‘book of’ gameplay.

Toro 7s

The third and final stop on the Wild Toro World Tour sends the dynamic duo back to the past. Well, sort of. In this game, Toro brings his unique brand of charm to the long-running ELK Classic Series of slots. With a release date of November 23, Toros 7s has been built with players who go in for volatile, classic style slots, incorporating ‘hard-hitting land-based mechanics.’

Not only was the original Wild Toro a player favourite, but it also picked up several industry awards along the way, helping put ELK on the map. Those are some big boots to fill, and fans will no doubt be looking forward to the Wild Toro World Tour kick-off to see how the three new Wild Toro slots perform.

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