The End of Casino Streaming?


Youtube cracks down on two of the casino streaming giants. Is this the end of the road for casino streaming?

Update June 6, 2018, : this is an old article and both Letsgiveitaspin’s and CasinoDaddy’s Youtube accounts were restored soon after. However, new issues has surfaced for Youtube casino streamers which you can read about here.

Two of the largest casino streamers, Letsgiveitaspin and CasinoDaddy, have been shut down on Youtube and it seemed to have happened simultaneously.

At this point in time, it is not yet understood why, and Youtube have not disclosed any reasons for their actions. Other big streamers, however, such as Rocknrollaaaaaa and Roshtein, still remain on Youtube at the moment of writing.

If we are allowed to speculate, it is possible that Youtube has felt pressure to take actions on channels promoting gambling, being an American company, a country where online gambling is strictly regulated.

A lot of people have voiced concerns about casino streaming being available on streaming platforms mainly intended for gaming, and thus becoming within easy reach to children and teenagers. There have even been calls to regulate video game loot boxes as some worry it resembles casinos too much.

Twitch, which is the main platform used by casino streamers, never really fully embraced the gamblers either it seems. For example, the casino streaming section didn’t get its own category image for almost two years and streamers are still not allowed to have sub buttons (they are however allowed to use affiliate buttons). Aside from this, the section is infested with view botting and fake streamers restreaming other people’s content. The casino streamers have been more or less allowed to exist in limbo.

Twitch, also being an American owned company, may be well aware of the fact that casino streaming is floating somewhere in the grey zone.

Is this the end of casino streaming?

No, we certainly don’t think so. If there is a will, there’s a way. The truth is that casino streaming has been growing in popularity and there is great demand for it. As long as online gambling is allowed, casino streaming will exist. Being shut down on Youtube AND Twitch would certainly be a big blow to the streamers, but there are other platforms out there.

People love to gamble and apparently they find it thrilling to watch other’s play as well. In fact, it’s become so big that LeoVegas actually invested in one of the streamers, or rather, a network of streamers, just a month ago.

This might also be part of the problem. As long as it was all low key, casino streaming managed to keep itself under the radar. But with the growing success, it has become increasingly hard to ignore.

It is not unlikely that both Twitch and Youtube will have to pull the plug on casino streaming, which would probably come to no surprise to many people. But on the other hand it is even more likely that casino streaming is here to stay and new platforms will be found. Whatever happens, the casino streaming community would definitely benefit from some degree of self-scrutiny, regulation, and control.

If you wish to learn more about casino streaming and how to stream yourself, read our casino streaming how-to article.

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