Fat Drac Makes It Look Easy As 50,000x Max Win Drops In The Base Game

fat drac

Short, sharp and to the point. If that’s the way you like your big win videos, then this blink-and-you’ll-miss-it clip from Fat Drac should more than fit the bill. Push Gaming‘s Fat Drac was released with a certain amount of controversy. The biggest hol’ up moment was realising the growing Fat Drac symbol in free spins wasn’t wild as the Rabbit or Santa symbols were in the past, but basically an oversized mystery symbol. While this might have been a deal-breaker for some players, Fat Drac also packs a large number of supplementary extras. As the clip below shows, these side features can go absolutely bananas and give Fat Drac by far the largest payout possibilities of the lot.

Fat Drac’s setup is pretty close to the iconic Fat Rabbit‘s. Both are played on a 5×5 game panel, with a focus on triggering free spins where the growing symbol can do its thing. However, one significant difference is extra bits like Bat Symbols, Bubbles, and the Fat Bat. Bubbles are those round prizes you can see in the clip displaying bet multipliers. One way of scoring Bubbles is when the Fat Drac Symbol reveals Bats that fly over to collect the prizes. Or, as what happens in this clip, when the Fat Bat randomly hits, in which case all of the Bubble Prizes are awarded. As luck would have it for this fortunate player, the Bubbles here include a 50,000x prize – which is also the game’s win cap. Just like that, and from the base game too, it should be added; €50,000 is won.

It’s almost hard to believe a win like this is possible from a slot in the ‘Fat’ series. In the past, big win videos from a ‘Fat’ game have generally followed a progression through various levels in free spins, as the wild symbol grows bigger before taking over most if not all of the game grid. In fact, this snowballing effect was one of Fat Rabbit‘s most endearing qualities, ingratiating itself with a wide range of players over the years.

Fat Drac, by contrast, offers bigger all or nothing type gaming, being more volatile and clearly more rewarding. Is it better than its predecessors? Many will debate the question, and for some this win might not be as satisfying as watching a cute bunny pile on the pounds while racking up coins. However, for many big-win chasers, there is a clear-cut winner in the ‘Fat’ range now. So, will seeing how ‘easy’ it can be to hit the game’s win cap convince some of the doubters to convert to Fat Drac’s charms?

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