Gambling Too Much? Here’s A Few Things To Think Of


For most players, gambling is a fun and enjoyable activity, but for some it can spiral out of control with devastating losses – here is what you can do to help yourself.

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Even if you’re just one of those recreational players who don’t gamble much, it’s not unlikely that, at least at some point, you’ve experienced one of those sessions where things spiraled a bit out of control. Maybe you got caught up in the moment and made an extra deposit you weren’t supposed to do, or reversed a withdrawal and blew it all. No one is immune, it can happen to the best of us.

Since you’re here, however, the odds are that you’re more than just a recreational gambler, and that you might spend more time playing slots than the average person. Although we can’t say for sure, we assume most of Bigwinboard’s visitors are likely made up of veteran gamers, slots enthusiasts, and industry people. What we all have in common though is that we’re all human, and being human means we all have our flaws and weaknesses.

Regulators across Europe have already done plenty to help limit the risks of gambling. Just this past year alone we’ve seen the implementation of several new rules such as spin delays, deposit limits, credit card bans, advertising restrictions and so on. With that said, there are some who argue that it has actually made things worse and that regulators are focusing on the wrong things, indirectly making players take the hit through reduced RTP and removal of bonuses.

Consequently, an increasing number of players now turn to unregulated casinos, making it even more important to be able to remain in control as there might not be any regulator or responsible gambling tools to rely on. Should you be one of those, here are three very important things to keep in mind.

Stick to your budget

Easier said than done, we know. Not keeping track of your gambling habits can seem convenient, and not doing so might give you short term relief by not having to deal with the harsh reality or consequences of your actions. However, sooner or later that reality will catch up to you – you’re a grown person and you’re expected to take responsibility. Therefore, we strongly urge players to keep an excel sheet of all deposits, losses and withdrawals. Doing so can be very sobering, and that’s a good thing!

Take a break and don’t chase losses

Also easier said than done, but if you gamble too much it’s absolutely crucial to get out of the bubble you might find yourself caught up in to focus on other things for a while. Players who get stuck in the “zone” can be at great risk of substantial losses, making far more and larger deposits than initially intended, especially if chasing money already lost. The rush of adrenaline can make it hard to think straight, and it might be absolutely necessary to take a step back and take a break for a day or two to clear the mind.

Talk to people about your issues

The most important rule of all is, don’t be afraid or ashamed to reach out to other people. There’s no shame in asking for help and you should never feel ashamed to admit you have a gambling problem! We’re all human and gambling addiction can happen to anyone. Usually we judge ourselves harder than others do. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of strength! Keeping your gambling problems to yourself can lead lead you down a dark path and even cause severe depression.

If you’re in a relationship, don’t keep your gambling habits a secret and under no circumstances lie about your losses. If you find it hard to control your urges, transfer your money to someone you trust such as a parent, sibling, or partner, and let them serve as guardians.

Bigwinboard, a site about gambling

To some this post may come across as insincere or hypocritical since we promote gambling. We are huge gambling enthusiasts, we love gambling, and regularly engage in gambling ourselves. But what we’ve learned over the years is that there are actually very few in this industry who wish to make money off of other people’s suffering.

Granted, most of us love gambling and want to be able to continue gambling with as few restrictions as possible, but we cannot do so without acknowledging the problems we face and without respecting the fact that gambling can also cause great harm. At Bigwinboard we make continuous efforts to remain compliant with regulatory requirements. Although we might not agree with all of them, not doing so is not an option.

If you have any other tips to share with your fellow gamers in regard to responsible gambling, please share them in the comment section below. What do you have to say about the current regulations and what would you do differently?

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