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⚠️ GameArt is a Blacklisted Provider

GameArt is a game provider based in Malta and the Balkans, which has gained notoriety within the industry for its questionable reputation and past conduct. Having operated without a reputable EU license up until around 2023, and having been primarily found on Curacao casinos where it was able to offers its games with little to no transparency, the company somehow managed to obtain an MGA license in February 2023 in spite of its negative track record (which says more about the MGA license than anything else).

The lax licensing conditions, coupled with GameArt’s historicly lack of transparency in not disclosing the RTP value or providing documentation and certifications from reputable testing agencies, has raised concerns about the fairness of the company’s RNG generator. This has been an ongoing issue for years, and the extent of financial harm inflicted on players is difficult to determine.

History of Shady GameArt Behavior

On January 2018, a member of casino community Casinomeister suspected GameArt demo games to be rigged and thus alerted fellow community members in a forum thread. In the opening post, member “Jasminebed” writes;

Took me less than 1/2 hour today to get my balance, starting with 500 and $10 bets to over 100K, with max bet of $40. The other day it took me nearly an hour.”

Later in the thread, another member, “paul7388”, then follows up with his own conclusions;

2nd spin on $1 bet bonus paid $224. 8 spins later bonus again paid $338. More than doubles 500 starting balance in 10 spins. That said it all. Decided to be a high roller lol raised bet to $10. Balance went down to $890 about 15 spins and got another bonus paid $1410. So demos totally fake on this slot.”

Towards the end of the 11-page thread, member “DreamRJ” writes;

To be fair. I think GameArt might go bust after this. I think a lot of casinos have now decided to pull them too. Videoslots was the first to do so. So I presume others will follow suit, what casino in their right mind would want to host a slot provider that was misleading us with turned up fun play RTP?

On June 2018, the Maltese Gaming Authority (MGA) publicly denounced GameArt’s claims of being MGA licensed, stating – “any reference to the MGA or gaming licence/s said to be issued by the Maltese Authority, as stated by GameArt Limited are false and misleading.”

On September 2020, GameArt resorted to legal threats in an attempt to bully Bigwinboard into retracting a critical article. Refusing to back down to the threats, Bigwinboard responded by making the following statement; “Not only is this an attempt to silence Bigwinboard, but it’s also an attack on all players who rely on sites such as ours to help guide them in an industry where, sadly, rogue businesses are still allowed to thrive.

On November 2020 it became know that two well-known and established game suppliers had signed separate partnership deals with GameArt, effectively enabling them to expand their reach. Alarmed by the prospect of seeing GameArt slots hosted on reputable casinos instead of the otherwise often questionable off-shore operators they have been restricted to in the past, Bigwinboard forwarded its disapproval to the aggregators in question stating;

Given GameArt’s history of deceiving players, these business decisions cannot be seen as anything other than a failure to perform adequate due diligence, something that may end up having an negative effect on players and an industry that is struggling to improve its reputation. Moreover, it also sends the signal that GameArt’s shenanigans over the years should simply be forgotten and forgiven without further consequences.”

According to unverified sources, it later became known that both aggregators had pulled out of their respective deals with GameArt.

On February 2023, GameArt contacted Bigwinboard asking for the “news” on the website to be removed with the excuse that the company had acquired an MGA license. No apology was forwarded or even mentioned for the prior threats made against Bigwinboard and, by extension, its readers.

GameArt Blacklisting Status

As a reputable platform for casino-related information and reviews, we are dedicated to providing our readers with accurate and unbiased information about the various game providers in the industry. However, in the case of GameArt, we have been unable to overlook the company’s history of questionable conduct and lack of transparency.

Despite repeated attempts to raise concerns and bring attention to the issue, GameArt has failed to provide any concrete evidence of improvement in regard to ethical standards, transparency, and trustworthiness. Until such evidence is presented, we have no choice but to maintain our stance of blacklisting the company and refusing to review or promote any of its offerings on our platform.

We understand that every player has the right to make their own informed decision when it comes to selecting the games they wish to play. However, we strongly advise players to exercise caution when considering GameArt’s slots, as the company’s history of misconduct and lack of transparency raises serious concerns about the fairness and integrity of their games.

It is essential for the industry as a whole to prioritize transparency and honesty, as well as the freedom of independent websites to critically examine and report on the practices of game providers. By refusing to engage with companies that fall short in these areas, we hope to encourage a shift towards greater accountability and a higher standard of conduct within the industry.