Get A Kickstart At Kaboo Casino With Chaos Relics


A few months ago Kaboo introduced Relics, a new reward system that turned out to be a great success. Kaboo Casino is now taking it to the next level with the introduction of the Chaos Relic!

Everyone who registers at Kaboo Casino gets a free Relic. The beauty of this is that Relics offers a win guarantee. New players also gets an additional 5 Relics upon the first deposit. So what’s the deal with these Relics and what is it in it for me you might ask. Let’s have a look.

With the regular Relics, there are three different kinds of prizes:

Credits: these can be used to exchange for free spins and the great thing is that you’re allowed to choose between a wide range of slots. One of the slots available for free spins is the notorious Dead or Alive, which has a potential to spit out wins up to 10,000 times the bet. 9 Credits will get you 10 free spins on Dead or Alive. Since free spins are always wager free at Kaboo Casino, you’re a wild line or 5 scatters away from a nice juicy cashout.

Cash: Relics also offers the chance to win cash prizes, and just like free spins, cash prizes are wager free as well. No hassle, just straight to the bank account.

Jackpott: the main attraction here is the jackpot of course. The jackpot sum is €1000 and was actually triggered by a casino streamer live during stream only weeks after the introduction of Relics.

Kaboo Casino is now taking the Relics to the next level and introducing Relics on steroids – The Chaos Relic! Here you have a chance to win a €5000 jackpot as well as other high value rewards upgraded from the regular Relics.

It is likely that Kaboo Casino will introduce more types of Relics so keep your eyes open!

Here’s a video example of a player turning Relics into a withdrawal

Register at Kaboo Casino and claim your first Relic. Good luck!

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