How To Beat Online Casino Slots


Had another dreadful session? Sick of continually ripping with no play time to speak of? Looking for ways to outsmart the casinos?

You’re here because you want to know how to beat online casino slots and get rich doing it, right? Maybe you’re on the lookout for valuable information on ways to predict the outcome of online slots – a slight telltale lag hinting of an impending bonus, a rabbit giving off a revealing wink to let you know when to spin the reels, or maybe even a sequence of keystrokes to activate a jackpot.

If you’re hoping to find hints, cheats, and walkthroughs such as those found on video game sites, then you’re bound to be utterly disappointed. People who make such silly claims are either trying to make money, or they are plain stupid. Consider this information lesson number one – there are no ways around it! The outcome is governed by random number generators. It’s essentially the same as rolling dice hoping for certain combinations of numbers to appear.

This, of course, doesn’t mean that slots have never been exploited, because they have. But all cases that involve hacks and exploits have been related to physical land-based slot cabinets, and it’s all in the past. Today’s technology is much more advanced, and the security of physical machines is less likely to be compromised nowadays.

What about online slots and bad coding? Although extremely rare, it has happened – NetEnt’s Frankenstein slot being one of the more notable of cases. It was pulled from the casinos after being reported by a player who raised concerns regarding a weakness in the game. The nature of the vulnerability has never been disclosed, but it’s been speculated that a control console might have appeared as a result of an accidental combination of keystrokes. We’ll never know though.

frankenstein netent
Frankenstein by NetEnt

But aside from these extreme isolated cases, and unless you’re a super hacker from another planet, there’s nothing you can do to assure you’ll never get stuck in another dreary losing streak again. As boring as it sounds, the only way to beat online casino slots is to stop playing altogether when you are ahead.

With all this said, there are, however, ways to improve the odds ever so slightly. The things we’re going to point out here are all related to strategy, and strategies are, as you may know, far from foolproof. Moreover, the things we’re going to talk about have nothing to do with ridiculous claims on how setting the coin value at a certain number will reveal a backdoor or anything of such nature. It’s all still about random numbers and you’re still at risk being annihilated by the slots.

  • Educate yourself on volatility and RTP – it’s a term worth learning, and we touch upon the subject a bit in our casino word list as well as in our RTP guide. It can prove to be particularly helpful while wagering a bonus. If you want to move money around with less risk, choose a low variance slot with a high RTP. These games are often low potential, but pay out small winnings more frequently. If you’re always losing without getting any playtime, chances are your favourite games are all high variance. There is a good reason why most online casinos have blocked low variance games such as Bloodsuckers from being played with bonus money.
  • Learn which software providers to avoid – a surprising amount of studios produce horrible slots that are best avoided. Even if just a recreational player, it would be foolish to choose games with significantly lower odds, wouldn’t you agree?
  • Play on reputable and accredited casinos – a while ago we wrote an article on how to spot fake slots. Playing pirate software is one of the risks you run when being careless regarding your choice of casino. Sticking to our list of accredited online casinos is a good way of avoiding the danger.

It’s once again worth pointing out that there are no secret ways to beat a random number generator. A lot of people have a hard time accepting the randomness inherent in games of chance, and it appears to be the nature of the gambler to look for irregularities in this randomness that will put them ahead of the game. The fact that it’s random doesn’t mean crazy things won’t happen, such as landing 12 free spins in a row or going thousands of spins without a bonus. It’s in fact proof of randomness in itself. Even

Mathematically, online slots are designed to provide a predictable 3-5% long-term advantage to the casino, also known as House Advantage, while at the same time offering the player the chance of a considerable short-term profit as a result of the variance factor. It’s been mathematically confirmed that no long-run regular winning is achievable unless playing with casino bonuses to help increase the expected value.

The most important lesson you will ever have to learn playing online slots, however, is to be in control of yourself. Learn to identify the warning signals of gambling addiction and never chase your losses. It’s often easier said than done, but when the fun stops – stop.

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