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Immortal Romance Remastered


immortal romance remastered

Immortal Romance Remastered – A fresh bite of a timeless classic

Update May 21: The remastered version of Immortal Romance has now rolled out across all Microgaming casinos to replace the original version.

It’s hard to believe that nearly nine years have passed since Microgaming released Immortal Romance, a game that still stands as one of the very finest online slots ever made. Of course, that can be said about a lot of the old classic games and it’s easy to get sentimental and carried away. But the truth is that few slots are as complete or have been tuned to such perfection as Immortal Romance.

With all the technical advances and innovative ideas that have happened since, new players might not find it all that special. After all, the format and features have inspired countless of slots that have come after it, and what was a breakthrough for slots then, has become the standard of today. Most of us who have been around for a few years, however, are likely to have at least some level of emotional connection to the game – each with our own battle scars and tales to tell. Few of us could escape the infectious bite of this vampire.

So, what exactly is the secret here and how has Immortal Romance managed to sustain a shelf life longer than the actual life span of Dracula himself? Of course, it’s not down to one single factor, but several that come together to make the perfect game. In fact, developers looking to learn how to attract a wide audience should study Immortal Romance very carefully. It doesn’t matter what type of player you think you are, you’re guaranteed to get some enjoyment and thrill out of it.

Immortal Romance is an excellent example of how important both the audiovisual experience is as well as the mathematical model. But there is one more factor at play here – the story line. It must be quite a challenge to give a video slot the kind of depth that Immortal Romance is known for. It’s not like developers have much to work with unlike with video games for example.

Yet, with the help of four characters we know as Amber, Troy, Michael, and Sarah as well as a legendary soundtrack which by many is considered the best one ever recorded for a video slot, the developers managed to give Immortal Romance more life than ever seen before, or since for that matter.

Unfortunately, as Microgaming never bothered to convert Immortal Romance from the old Flash technology to the new html5 format, players have had to satisfy with the mobile version which is far from optimal. Thankfully, that’s about to change as Microgaming has announced that they’re working on a remastered version. In a press release, Microgaming writes:

“Almost a decade since its creation, the undying power of Immortal Romance continues to allure players around the world. Now, players can return for a fresh taste of all the classic blood-pumping features, including Wild Desire and the Chamber of Spins, enhanced with a host of upgrades.”

The remastered version, which is set for release on May 21, 2020, will come with the following upgrades:

  • Increased max bet of €30.
  • Free games support.
  • Intuitive menus.
  • Optimised for desktop and mobile consoles.
  • Enhanced animations and sounds.
  • Autoplay support.
  • Quickspin enabled.

Mathematically, the game will remain the same with medium volatility, 96.86% RTP and a high hit rate of 31.21%. The re-release comes out almost 9 years after it first made its appearance, and although many of us were hoping for a proper sequel, this is the next best thing.

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