Inside the Making of Napoleon 2 FatStacks: Q&A With Lucksome’s Bryan Upton


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In the dynamic world of online slots, few games manage to create a buzz quite like the ones that bring together historical allure and cutting-edge gaming technology. This is precisely what Bryan Upton, the founder of Lucksome, has achieved with the much-anticipated release of Napoleon 2 FatStacks.

In this exclusive interview, Bigwinboard dives deep into the creative process behind this sequel, exploring the journey from the acclaimed Napoleon: Rise of an Empire to its successor. Upton sheds light on the innovative features of Napoleon 2, the influence of player feedback, and a sneak peek into what the future holds for Lucksome’s gaming repertoire.

Join us as we unravel the layers of this exciting new release and get an insider’s look at the making of a modern classic in the world of online slots.

Bigwinboard: Napoleon 2 has been a long time coming with Napoleon: Rise of an Empire released way back in 2018. What prompted a return to the franchise?

Bryan Upton: The original Napoleon: Rise of an Empire is an international smash hit and we know Blueprint have been receiving requests from players for some years asking for a sequel. We loved the original at Lucksome so we chatted with the Blueprint guys and figured out how we could make it a reality.

Napoleon 2 slot

“If you look at the number of hours streamers have put into playing Napoleon: Rise of an Empire over the last five years, then you’ll find it’s a top performer.”

Bigwinboard: Do you think there’ll be an even greater appetite for this game compared to another release considering so many years have passed since the original was released?

Bryan Upton: The popularity of the original game has remained consistent since its release. If you look at the number of hours streamers have put into playing Napoleon: Rise of an Empire over the last five years, then you’ll find it’s a top performer. What’s more, we consistently see several big wins paying out each week. In this case, Napoleon is like fine wine and is ageing very well indeed!

It’s also worth noting that Napoleon 2’s launch coincides with the release of Ridley Scott’s Hollywood epic. We also found out about the film from our team in Malta (where some of it was filmed) when we first started talking about developing the sequel. So, fate sealed the deal, and it just made complete sense to us.

Bigwinboard: Napoleon 2 jumps from 5-reels and 20 paylines in its previous iteration to a more volatile 6-reel title with even more ways to win. What else has changed in this new title?

Bryan Upton: First and foremost, it’s about what hasn’t changed.  We took the Napoleon streak from the original slot and put it into the base game as opposed to just in the bonus like the original. This was done simply because players enjoyed it so much but also because the base game can now deliver some BIG wins!  We kept the Napoleon wild multipliers that escalate according to the number in a winning combo.

What’s different? What takes Napoleon 2 to another level? Without a doubt, the most exciting change must be the inclusion of the FatStacks mechanic. We all genuinely believe that it has taken this game to a whole new level of experience, it’s difficult not to become besotted with this unique progressive ways mechanic. You’re not limited on any given spin, and you can reach up to a million ways to win.

Golden Napoleon Wilds which trigger the Napoleon Mega Streak are the only Wilds in the Free Games bonus and whenever they appear they increase those wild multipliers up to 80x; making the Napoleon Mega Streak even more Mega in the bonus.

Napoleon 2 slot

Bigwinboard: This sequel took some slot enthusiasts by surprise, are you able to reveal whether you’ll be bringing us any more unexpected follow-ups in 2024?

Bryan Upton: We’re not going to give absolutely everything away right now, as it’s always nice to retain that element of surprise when it comes to these things, but here are a couple of sneak peeks for your readers…

FatStacks Miami Cash will have its full release in January after a hugely successful exclusive release. We’re hopeful this will whet the appetite of slot enthusiasts, especially as it’s a game we’ve seen Bigwinboard champion amongst its hot new releases over the last few weeks.

Big Hits Blazinator is also doing very well as an exclusive release at the moment, and that’s another game we hope to bring to a wider audience in the not-so-distant future.

And for your final snippet of insider information… Next year we have our retro wrestling sensation title build on the success of our Christmas game phenomenon, Saint Nicked – Stickermania: Wild Rumble – for those who remember collecting stickers for their albums back in the day!  We think your readers are going to love this one!

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