Kaboo Casino – Follow The Rabbit For Daily Surprises


Follow the rabbit this Easter for daily surprise rewards you can only find at the bottom of the rabbit-hole

Easter is nearly upon us and as many of you already know, Holiday seasons is an opportunity for players to take advantage of the many promotions launched by the online casinos.

Kaboo Casino is one of the first to launch their Easter promotion which they call “Follow The Rabbit”.

When you login to your account you will see a new addition to the top menu in the form of a purple rabbit icon. Every day there will be a new reward waiting for you and could be anything from deposit bonuses to various missions that could lead to further prizes, and more.

kaboo easter

Last year Kaboo introduced a new reward system where players earn so called “Relics”. Relics are similar to Loot Boxes and contains various awards, one of them a jackpot of €1000. Upon registration, all new players get 1 Relic for free with a win guarantee.

The “Follow The Rabbit” promotion is an extension of the Relic system, which means active players now have two reward systems to look forward to. What makes the reward system on Kaboo stand out from most other casinos is that all rewards are free of wager!

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