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Mega Ball: Overview

Bingo is one of the most popular non-digital gaming forms around, especially in countries like the UK. It can also be found in various forms online. In typical Evolution style, the live gaming provider has jazzed up bingo by adding a lottery bouncing ball element and multipliers to boost entertainment value as well as winning potential. Released in 2017, Mega Ball is ideal for bingo enthusiasts, or any gambler looking to score some massive multiplier action.

If you thought bingo was a slow game then you’ve never played Mega Ball which is as pacey as online gambling gets. The action is streamed from a classy live studio designed in plenty of gold and teal tones. It comes across as a little 1970s, but that just adds to the charm. Another part of the charm is the energetic dealers who are as chatty, friendly, and helpful as you’ll find in any Evolution live gaming studio.

There are several differences between Mega Ball and regular bingo. For one, players are not competing against each other, so there is no race to complete the first line. Instead, after all balls have been drawn, players are paid for any complete lines. There is no way of achieving a full house either since 20 balls are drawn, and there are 25 numbers on each card (including a wild). Also, you won’t find jackpots when playing Mega Ball, but to compensate, the Mega Ball multipliers can be immense.

The beating heart of Mega Ball is a mechanism which sucks 20 random numbers out of a pool of 51. Players buy game cards which are automatically crossed off when each ball is drawn, where the goal is to make complete lines. All of this information is presented on the user interface where several other pieces of information can be found. During the betting phase, this includes your balance and buying options for cards – exactly how you can take part in the action is covered next. Let’s finish off with some statistical information, one of the most important being a theoretical RTP value of 95.5%.

Mega Ball: Features

mega ball evolution

Each round of live Mega Ball starts with players purchasing bingo cards for use in that round. Mega Ball cards display a grid of 25 numbers laid out in a 5×5 formation, including one wild space in the middle. It is possible to mark up to 12 lines on a single card..

Players can buy between 1 and 200 cards per round while setting the values on each of them from 10 p/c to £/€100 per card. Cards are multiplied by the value to give the total stake for the round. So, twenty bingo cards at 10c each total €2, for example. It is possible to change the cards’ value at any time – as long as betting is still open. The numbers on the cards are random, but you can refresh to get new ones if you don’t like the look of them for any reason. Again, refreshing cards is only possible while betting is open.

Once the action starts, 51 balls are blown around inside the Mega Ball machine to get them nice and mixed up. One by one, balls are pulled at random and are automatically marked off the bingo cards. As this is going on, cards with the most number of marked numbers on them, therefore more likely to win, are sorted to the top of the order. Any lines are marked off in gold, while potential winnings are updated as well.

Once the main draw is complete, a Mega Ball Bonus Round takes place. Up to two Mega Balls may be drawn that increase the winning card values. A wheel bearing multipliers of 5x to 100x spins and randomly selects a value. If the drawn Mega Ball completes a line, winnings are multiplied by this multiplier accordingly. Total payouts are calculated like so:

  • One line – 1x to 99:1
  • Two lines – 4 to 499:1
  • Three lines – 49 to 4,999:1
  • Four lines – 249 to 24,999:1
  • Five lines – 999 to 99,999:1
  • Six or more lines – 9,999 to 9,999,999:1

There is a slight change a second Mega Ball is selected from the balls remaining in the machine. If lines are completed with this lucky number, they are also subject to a multiplier.

Mega Ball: Verdict

Mega Ball is another cracking live game from one of the leading online gaming providers. Each part of Mega Ball has been expertly crafted to provide a highly entertaining roller coaster which should appeal to a wide range of gamblers, including those predominantly interested in slots. It’s not just the big things that make Mega Ball a treat to play. Small things like automatically shuffling bingo cards which have the best chance of winning is a great touch. Handy too, as players who like to buy in bulk don’t need to scroll through looking for the best cards in their hand.

Evolution has designed a great room to gamble in as well. The overall environment possesses an excellent blend of casual sophistication and high adrenaline betting. Lights are dimmed for the Mega Ball multiplier draw, adding a surprising amount of tension – magnified if you’re holding a card with several lines on it. We mentioned massive multipliers, and Evolution Gaming states wins as high as 1,000,000x are possible when playing Mega Ball though there is a win cap of €500,000. Clearly, there are rewards here that vastly outnumber what you usually find in the majority of bingo halls.

To conclude, Evolution Gaming has successfully taken a conventional game, in this case, bingo, and transformed it into a hugely compelling experience. There’s no messing about when you play Mega Ball, where buying and managing your cards a painless process. Each draw is conducted in a timely manner, making Mega Ball a much more exciting and fast paced game than you might suspect if you are used to regular bingo.

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