Millionaire Megapays 1,476,548x Jackpot Triggered – See The Full Gameplay Video!

megapays jackpot

If you’ve ever loaded a Who Wants To Be A Millionaire branded slot and thought, ‘Why, yes I would’, then here’s a clip for you. Then again, any player who has daydreamed about hitting a colossal payday (which is probably most) will get a kick out of this monster win triggered on Betfair casino. It occurred on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Megapays from Big Time Gaming. The Megapays network is a relatively youthful setup containing two games at the moment – Millionaire, and the one that started the Megaways revolution, Bonanza Megapays.

For now, though, we’re heading to the recreated studio of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. This is a game show that makes contestants millionaires if they can answer 15 consecutive questions. Each correct answer moves the constant along a prize ladder of ascending values, culminating in the top prize of, you guessed it, a million bucks. In Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Megapays, the ladder system is used to award free spins when they are triggered but does not relate to the jackpots. Instead, the Megapays feature triggers on any paid spin, completely at random, putting players in the hot seat for a chance of winning one of four jackpots. When triggered, the action shifts away to a Bellagio like environment where a 6×7 grid spins. Before beginning, a 9-A pay symbol is arbitrarily chosen to be the Megapays symbol. The goal of the feature is to land as many of these symbols as possible. Whenever Megapays Symbols hit, they fall to the bottom of the grid and remain there throughout the rest of the feature.

As you might have deduced, the more Megapays symbols collating on the grid, the better. A solid start commences in this clip when 4 Megapays symbols hit on the very first spin, locking in the Mini Megapays Jackpot. In this video, it’s Aces we want to see. They oblige, too; the fourth spin unlocks the Midi Megapays Jackpot, while the Major falls on the eighth spin. Then just like that, a couple of spins later, the Mega Megapays is won, and a massive count up ensues. When factoring in the 60p stake, the £885,928.98 payout equates to a wallet bulging 1,476,548x hit.

If you want to split hairs, the win might not technically make the player a Sterling millionaire. However, if we convert the winnings into Euros, then boom, they’re there – minus the outrageous conversion charges, of course. As previously mentioned, two slots have received Megapays makeovers – wins like this are sure to boost the jackpot network’s profile, potentially leading to more conversions in the future. Any wishes or wagers on what BTG might cook up next for the Megapays series? Let them know in the comments below!

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