NetEnt Introduces MAX – New Volatility Concept


NetEnt heard the call! MAX concept introduced for higher variance and bigger hits!

After a great deal of criticism from players (and us) regarding the potential and volatility of NetEnt slots produced for the past couple of years, the company has finally decided to listen to the community and is now introducing a brand new feature called MAX.

BerryBurst MAX version splash screen

MAX is essentially an add-on to NetEnt games developed to meet the needs of the hardcore players (or MAX-players as NetEnt labels it) demanding higher variance and bigger win potential.

Going forward, selected games (not all) will thus come in two versions – the regular version and a MAX high variance version. The RTP and mechanics will remain the same for both versions, with the variance being the only difference to cater to more adventurous players.

In our review of NetEnt’s upcoming BerryBurst slot we once again expressed our disappointment with the low potential for a game that could have been the ultimate follow up to Starburst;

With the word “burst” in the title it was kind of obvious we weren’t going to be served a bowl of super high potentiality, yet with a 1868x potential, it’s at least an improvement compared to its predecessor Starburst.

As it turns out, BerryBurst is going to be the first slot with the MAX add-on, with the max win potential boosted to a whopping 6000x. In our opinion, this is a clever solution to meet the demand for high variance, although it would likely have been sufficient with a MAX activation button as opposed to releasing two different versions. This way, however, operators can choose themselves if they wish to offer only the regular version or the MAX version as well.

Both BerryBurst and BerryBurst MAX will go live on August 23rd, something we’re looking forward to a great deal. Well done NetEnt and thank you for finally listening to us, the players.

Comparison Video

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