NICKMERCS Announces Plans to Host Gambling Streams on Kick

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NICKMERCS has declared his intention to host gambling streams on Kick from locations outside the United States.

Joining the trend set by xqc and other notable streamers, NICKMERCS has transitioned from Twitch to Kick through a non-exclusive agreement. As the head of the MFAM community, he stated his ambitious plans for competing in major events and innovating content delivery.

Known for his enthusiasm for sports betting, NICKMERCS has previously hosted Twitch streams for Thursday Night Football and a UFC watch event in Las Vegas. Interestingly, the cryptocurrency gambling platform Stake, which co-founded Kick, permits its content creators to engage in on-stream gambling.

In his inaugural Kick stream, NICKMERCS confirmed his plans to include gambling content: “Yes, we are going to do gambling streams. We are not going to do a s**t ton, but we are going to do some for sure. It’s part of the contract.”

He further clarified the need for a new location outside the U.S. for these streams, hinting at an island destination, though specifics weren’t disclosed.

While the full scope of his plans on Kick remains under wraps, he openly shared that the platform would provide funds for gambling, which he intends to use for substantial viewer giveaways.

Twitch’s 2022 ban on gambling sites, prompted by streamer protests, adds a layer of intrigue to NICKMERCS’ move, raising questions about community reactions to his decision.

While reflecting on NICKMERCS’s move and its potential impact, it’s worth noting the recent action by the UK Gambling Commission threatening to block Bigwinboard. This measure seems somewhat overshadowed by the reality of cryptocurrency gambling’s popularity on platforms like Kick.

The influence of streamers like NICKMERCS, who boasts a 6.7 million follower count on Twitch alone, is enormous. This disparity in approach raises questions about the UKGC’s effectiveness and priorities.

While focusing on individual websites, hugely influential streamers are actively shaping audience attitudes towards unlicensed gambling on a much larger scale, essentially broadcasting to UK audiences en masse with little to no intervention from regulatory bodies.

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