Online Casino Regulations: Serving Governments, Not Players

An increasing number of players are choosing unlicensed crypto casinos due to excessive regulations.

In recent years, online casino regulations have ramped up ostensibly under the banner of protecting consumers from the potential harms associated with gambling. While the premise of enhancing player safety is commendable, an in-depth look reveals that the barrage of regulations seems to be serving the interests of governments more than the players themselves. This article explores how stringent regulatory frameworks are ostensibly impacting players negatively, fostering a flourishing black market, and inhibiting the gaming experience that many players crave.

The Downward Spiral of RTP

Regulations have ushered in a era where Return to Player (RTP) percentages have experienced a significant downturn. Casinos, now laden with exorbitant license fees and taxes, have understandably sought avenues to mitigate these financial strains, often at the expense of the player’s potential earnings.

In a landscape where 96% RTP was once a norm, the world of online gambling has witnessed a concerning decline in these percentages, reaching alarming lows of 86% in some cases. While a difference of a few percentage points may seem inconsequential to the uninitiated, avid players understand that even a 2% decrease can dramatically affect the gameplay, reducing both the play time and the chances of securing a win.

Long-term players are especially hit hard by this change. The decrease in RTP signifies that sustaining a play session for extended periods has become significantly more challenging. What used to be hours of enjoyment has now truncated, offering less value and reduced entertainment span for dedicated players.

The Compliance Team Dilemma

In a bid to adhere to the ever-tightening grip of regulations, online casinos are finding themselves compelled to maintain sizable compliance teams. These teams are entrusted with ensuring that the casinos operate within the legal frameworks, a necessity that comes with its own set of repercussions.

Building and sustaining a compliance team is no small feat; it involves hiring individuals with expertise in legal and regulatory landscapes, often demanding high remunerations. This not only escalates the operational costs dramatically but also funnels resources that could have potentially been used to enhance the gaming experience, into maintaining a bureaucratic structure.

The Rise of Unregulated Markets

Despite the regulations, the online gambling market has witnessed an unprecedented surge in players gravitating towards unlicensed casinos, especially those allowing cryptocurrency transactions. The decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies offers an unregulated sanctuary, thus fueling a grey market that seems unstoppable.

Strikingly, rather than dissuading individuals from gambling, the stringent regulations have driven many into the welcoming arms of the grey and black markets. Players seem to prioritize a seamless gambling experience over the supposed safety net that these regulations purportedly offer.

The Detrimental Impact on Player Experience

Regulators’ demands for extended intervals between spins (in some jurisdictions, up to 5 seconds!) have drastically slowed down the pace of games, fostering frustration and a less enjoyable gaming experience for players who crave the thrill of a swift game. The regulatory axe has also fallen on features such as bonus buy options and auto spins, which were once the main attractions for many players.

Furthermore, players are bombarded with intrusive affordability checks, a mandate from regulatory bodies. These checks not only infringe on the player’s privacy but also create a bottleneck, inhibiting a smooth gaming process.


As we delve deeper into the intricacies of online casino regulations, it becomes increasingly apparent that these regulatory frameworks are more beneficial to governments than the players. While the notion of player safety cannot be entirely discounted, it is vital to strike a balance that does not sacrifice the player’s enjoyment and freedom. Perhaps, it is high time for a re-evaluation of these regulations, fostering a landscape that truly serves the interests of the players while also ensuring their safety and wellbeing in the online gambling sphere.

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