Online Slots Statistics – June 2018

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Another month has past which means another month of online slots statistics collected. Slots are simply put nothing more than maths which makes them quite “reliable”, and is also the reason why we rarely see any drastic changes from one month to another. But numbers are always interesting and sometimes even subtle changes can say a whole lot.

The first thing to mention is the fact that NetEnt has taken over the first position from Play’n GO. It has been really tight between the top 3 performing brands, but after 2 months of red numbers Big Time Gaming has dropped from a 97%+ RTP all the way down to 95.73%, leaving it up to NetEnt and Play’n GO to struggle for the throne. On the other hand such a drastic drop in RTP is not that unexpected when talking about an ultra high variance provider like Big Time Gaming. All it really takes is for one giant hit from one player and the RTP would spike again. It’s still interesting to see however as they’re currently at an all time low.

Dead or Alive wild line – the good old days

NetEnt is still by far the most played provider in the industry despite a drop in popularity, at least according to the word on the street. NetEnt is performing very well as they have always done during our performance checks, and overall they look very solid. The average bonus win is really low however at 28.19x (still much better than Play’n GO’s 16.53x), and some things we’ve seen with slots such as Dead or Alive, Twin Spin and Drive for example has made us a bit concerned.

Quite a lot of people have expressed frustrations regarding NetEnt slots in particular and are of the opinion that not only the newer games are of much lower variance than NetEnt games used to be, but that old classics have been tampered with too. It’s not unusual for players to be suspicious towards slots in general and many don’t understand how slots work so usually we don’t agree. But when it comes to NetEnt and Dead or Alive in particular, a game we have played almost daily for years, we are inclined to agree. We even wrote a whole article about it – Has NetEnt Nerfed Dead or Alive?

It’s next to impossible to prove of course and any claims of slots having changed can easily be brushed off with a “that’s randomness for ya buddy”, so the best thing one can do is to vote with the wallet. If you feel something is wrong with a game, move on to the next. In regard to Dead or Alive, we feel convinced that the variance has indeed been altered. The bonus frequency has been lowered, the hit frequency in the main game increased and as such the variance has been flattened out a bit. If this in fact is the case it would be suicide for NetEnt to admit it and it would do tremendous damage to the iGaming industry as a whole.

We would like to point out that we could of course be wrong and a comment from NetEnt would have been interesting. We know that a change in RTP requires testing and a new certificate, something that is time consuming and expensive, but what about sticking to the same RTP while “only” tweaking the variance?

Yggdrasil Gaming beautiful on the outside, hideous on the inside.

Moving on to Yggdrasil. Ya’ll probably know already what we feel about this provider. They haven’t been very nice which makes it easier for us to be brutally honest about their crappy performance and motivates us to scuritinze them even more thoroughly. As you guys know, represents the players and unlike the thousands of affiliate sites out there we’re not going to sell our soul to make an extra buck by misleading players into playing bad slots. We are players just like you are and we want this industry to be fair, which is not asking much.

So what is there to say about Yggdrasil? Well, the performance of their slots is as depressing as ever. As long as we’ve been following up on the numbers Yggdrasil Gaming has never been above a 92% RTP and at 91.91% this month they are still not improving much either. The average bonus win is acceptable at 44.09x and in terms of visual production their games are some of the best in the industry, but for god’s sake Yggdrasil, shape up!

Quickspin is closing in on 1,000,000 spins which means they have not quite yet qualified for the chart, but the RTP is looking even more depressing than Yggdrasil’s with a RTP of 89.90%. What’s of greater concern here is that Quickspin’s slots are mainly all low to medium variance so the numbers are not expected to move up and down as much as providers with higher variance games. If this doesn’t improve soon we’ll have to inspect this closer.

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