Microgaming Wrongfully Accused of Plagiarism – Ping Pong Star NOT a Microgaming Slot


Websites and Youtubers jump to the gun, wrongfully accusing Microgaming of plagiarism.

ping pong star
The Ping Pong Star slot

Update: since this article was published, most websites and Youtubers have corrected their articles or taken down their Youtube videos.

Earlier this week, screenshots and videos were shared across the web, as well as on Youtube, of a game looking strikingly similar to a Megaways slot, something that caused some stir within the community due to it not actually being a Megaways slot, nor being associated to any of the Megaways licensees for that matter. Even more shockingly, the game was assumed to be one of Microgaming’s creations. Did Microgaming really rip off Big Time Gaming this blatantly? Turns out, no.

Unfortunately, website authors and Youtubers alike rushed to conclusion without doing proper research, falsely accusing Microgaming of plagiarism whilst also speculating wildly. Having been in direct contact with Microgaming, we can now confirm that the game is not in any way connected to Microgaming and that it has been wrongfully attributed to the company. Going by the info where the slot is available, it was developed by a studio called ZeroFox Entertainment which are completely unknown to us, and likely best avoided judging by their shenanigans.

The Megaways game engine is an extremely popular innovation that has completely transformed the gaming landscape. Being in such high demand, it’s not the first time developers have pushed the envelope in an attempt to come up with something similar, although this is the worst case we have seen to date.

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