Player Scores the Max Win on ELK’s Katmandu Gold


Designing a sequel to a popular game is the very definition of tiptoeing along the razor’s edge. On one side, changing too much could alienate your base, then again, change too little and you get slung with accusations of not trying hard enough. The pressures are even greater when you’re several slots deep into a successful series, and you’ve got hordes of hungry players demanding entertainment.

ELK Studios successfully finessed this issue by blowing life into their popular Gold range with the fifth instalment Katmandu Gold. Features have been tweaked just so, and the exotic location is faithfully served by some fantastic audio-visual effects. Crucially, the core gameplay that has thrilled in each one so far remains. Even more crucially for some, ELK has seriously jacked the potential. Proving it’s not bluster, we have footage of one lucky community member triggering the max win in this official replay clip from ELK.

Adding an extra dash of innovation, Katmandu Gold is ELK’s first slot to offer a bonus buy option. In this case, it wasn’t needed, since the bonus game was organically triggered by 6 bonus symbols, awarding the maximum amount of 25 free spins.

The clip starts a little slow at first, a few wins pop up while the multiplier steadily builds. What makes Katmandu Gold stand out from previous Gold slots is there is no safety level for rows in the bonus game. So when the reels grow with consecutive wins, they drop back to their default height between spins. In its place, however, is a progressive multiplier that increases by one whenever a scatter symbol lands. Katmandu Gold also has an elusive eight row, pushing win ways to 531,441 if you make it that far.

All heck breaks loose on the 15th spin with an x6 multiplier banked, when a colossal 4×4 sized wild slams onto the first four reels, causing the game to go haywire. The wild links up a couple of low/mid pay symbols and Katmandu instantly shuts down, hitting its 10,000x win cap. The process is so fast a second view is required to grasp what occurred. You can picture the state of confused shock the player must have felt in those few moments of insanity following the colossal wild hit.

One slight downer is how quick and unceremoniously the bonus game ends. There’s no satisfying highlight of winning symbols or a long drawn out count up to let the payout sink in. There’s a massive wild drop, then boom, game over. Of course, the following rather plain screen does alert the player to the fact they’ve just won €4,000 off a 40c bet, so it’s unlikely they were too concerned about the lack of onscreen fanfare.

Katmandu Gold boasts the highest potential of any Gold slot so far, and after watching this video, Kane fans won’t be harbouring any doubts over the claim. Like Money Train 2, it’s clear technically that Katmandu Gold could have blown past the 10k win cap – a positive sign for bigger potential Gold slots in the future if ELK decides to turn it up.

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