White Rabbit (Big Time Gaming) Online Slot Review

Going down the hole in Big Time Gaming's WHITE RABBIT

Big Time Gaming is not a developer known to spit out new slots every week wrapping old games in shiny new paper. Instead, their games are usually neatly designed and breaths quality. They definitely seem to focus more on quality rather than quantity. We surely hope they will continue down this road with the upcoming release of White Rabbit, even if much of it is in the danger zone of becoming a bit recycled.

This game is another Mega Ways slot, typical of BTG and it basically means a ridiculous number of pay lines. Another important feature implemented is a buy in feature where you can buy yourself straight into a bonus for the cost of 100x your bet. Similar features are available on Bally and Microgaming slots, but here you're guaranteed a bonus round (which doesn't mean you're guaranteed a good win mind you).

The return to player is set at 97.44% for the base game and 97.72% for the bonus feature. Not a big difference and an overall decent rtp, isn't it!

In terms of production it's quite a typical BTG slot with a big recognition factor. Pretty much everything about it breaths BTG, from the graphics to the sound and the control panel. Not much new here in other words. The game has a setup of 5 reels and 240 Mega Ways.

But it's the buy in bonus feature that is the most thrilling part of it. For a price of 100 times your bet you are guaranteed a bonus round. You can also get lucky and encounter a discount. We'll come to that later.

The paytable is as follows. The top symbol can be compared to the diamond in Bonanza paying 25 times the bet if 5 are landed on the reels.

The scatter symbol which consists of a white rabbit (duh) is available on reel 2, 3 and 4 only. If you get 3 of these you will be awarded a bonus round of 15 free spins. There's also a wild symbol which can appear on reel 2, 3, 4 and 5.

But wait, there's more. A random feature has been added to the base game. A caterpillar (on drugs?) can show up at any time and award the player up to 4 wilds and which can multiply a winning combination by up to 3.

Looking at the bonus round the reels can extend and allow extra symbols to be added to increase the ways to win. But wait, there's even more! There's also a cupcake symbol (don't ask) which, if it lands on the reels, expand the reel by one. If the maximum expansion of 12 is reached, the player will be rewarded a retrigger.

Like mentioned a few times already, there is now a possibility to buy a bonus feature. The standard cost is 100 times the bet, but everytime a Feature Drop Symbol lands you get a discount, which can be collected until you feel the feature is actually worth buying.

When it comes to paylines, White Rabbit can give up to 7 symbols per reel, which gives a total of 16,807 ways to win. In the bonus, with all the extra stuff added, this number extends to 248,832 ways. But as we all know by now that a billion lines don't necessarily mean anything other than more ways to lose.

White Rabbit (Big Time Gaming): Conclusion

White Rabbit was an enormous success at the time of it's release and was concidered by many the best game of 2017. The buy in feature is somewhat unique and together with the way the bonus plays.

The base game itself isn't all that exciting and it feels pretty much like a transportation road waiting for the bonus. It does however hold some potential and it's actually possible to trigger quite some good wins with the help of the drugged out catepillar.

White Rabbit is a super high volatile game and just like it's siblings Bonanza and DHV it has crazy potential. The key for the big wins is to unlock as many retriggers as possible in the bonus by expanding as many reels as possible up to 12.

White Rabbit (Big Time Gaming)
  • Bigwinboard Rating - 90%

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