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Primal Hunter Gigablox: Slot Overview

Whilst these days we're more likely to be hunting for bargains, back in the day, if you weren't good with the spear or bow, oh well, better luck in the next life. Fortunately, our ancestors were a hardy, persistent bunch of bipedal hominids that were as good at taking down competing forms of life for food as any other. Probably more so since here we are at the top of the food chain. Homo sapiens never tested their mettle against T-Rex or triceratops or any of those terrifying beasts which used to rule the planet, though, so the jury is out on that one. However, if you'd like to imagine what a human-dino scenario might have been like, then here's a chance to do so in the form of Primal Hunter Gigablox from software provider ReelPlay.

A hot, steamy, yellow-glazed world is where Primal Hunter Gigablox is located, back when mosquitoes were the size of basketballs and cockroaches the size of a shoe. Maybe not, but some of those reptiles were certainly larger than they are now, and to celebrate their size, ReelPlay has designed a game with hefty helpings of chunk. The reel area is a chunky stone edifice; the symbols are chunky stone blocks, and each one slams down on the grid, giving it a shake on each spin. The artwork is nicely done, particularly the pictures on the larger Gigablox symbols, close in eye-catching quality in some ways to Hot Rise Games 'vs Gigablox' range of slots.

Primal Hunter Gigablox slot
Primal Hunter Gigablox slot - base game

Floating above a rugged gorge is Primal Hunter Gigablox's gaming grid. It has 6-reels, 4-rows, and 40 paylines supplied for evaluating pay symbol wins. Gigablox occur on every spin, which is where reels are combined to create large symbols. Reel combos are highlighted while the grid is spinning so you know where and at what size the Gigablox symbols will land. During the test session, the biggest symbols were 4x4 in size and tended to hug the rightmost side of the grid. Players are able to pick bets from a peculiar stake range of 40 c to $/€14 per spin.

Time for those chunky stone cut symbols, which include 9 to A royals for low pay and 4 prehistoric creatures as the 4 high pay symbols. Hitting a 6-of-a-kind low pay win awards 0.625x to 1.5x the bet, while a 6 high pay symbol win is worth 2x to 3.75x the bet. Wild hunters may be used to substitute for all symbols except the scatter. Since the wild may land on all reels, it can make wins of itself, worth up to 10x the bet for 6 OAK.

Primal Hunter Gigablox: Slot Features

Primal Hunter Gigablox slot
Primal Hunter Gigablox slot - free spins

It's all pretty standard gaming when it comes to Primal Hunter Gigablox's features. What the slot's got are cascades and free spins with an increasing win multiplier.

Cascading Wins

When a winning line appears on the grid, the symbols involved in it are taken off the reels. This includes all of a Gigablox symbol even if only part of it was used in the win. Symbols remaining on the reels drop downwards until all of the empty positions are filled, creating another chance to win. Cascades continue until a new win is not created.

Free Spins

Free spins are triggered by landing at least 5 scatter symbols - each triggering scatter symbol awards 3 free spins. For the free spins round an unlimited increasing win multiplier is added to the picture. The multiplier starts at x1 and increases by +1 following a winning cascade. There is no upper limit to how high the multiplier may go.

Primal Hunter Gigablox slot
Primal Hunter Gigablox slot - free spins

Primal Hunter Gigablox: Slot Verdict

Primal Hunter Gigablox might have given ReelPlay the chance to flex their artistic abilities and draw a sweet dino scene, but the studio hasn't exactly gone to town on the gameplay. Primal Hunter Gigablox is a barebones sort of slot with little to nothing to see, which experienced gamblers won't have witnessed before in one form or another. The base game is a simple case of Gigablox, cascades, and wilds, that's it, while free spins have Gigablox, wilds, cascades, and the unlimited win multiplier. Not sure why something more innovative couldn't have wormed its way in, but showing off wildly creative mechanical chops doesn't appear to have been ReelPlay's aim when it set out to design Primal Hunter Gigablox. On the flip side, having a straight rising multiplier driven by cascades is somewhat unusual for a Gigablox slot, adding desirability.

The game compensates for a lack of freaky features by its high graphical standard, all the shaking when reels link together, and the slamming effect when the grid stops spinning. It feels heavy, imposing, like it's a slot metaphor for a giant reptile stomping through the jungle, getting all territorial, on the prowl for food. That wild hunter might make a decent entrée for T-Rex, too, before chowing down on a diplodocus joint and picking its teeth with a spear.

There's a pretty steamy-looking game here for dino fans to try, but it is screaming out for an innovative touch, and in a jungle populated with slots like Raging Rex 3, Primal Hunter Gigablox isn't exactly the apex predator. All things considered, Primal Hunter Gigablox does what it does quite nicely, but it only goes so far. One wonders how long the fairly vanilla set of features will be able to hold interest once the gripping elements of the game world start to subside.


Primal Hunter Gigablox lacks majorly unique gameplay, but it does look attractive while delivering what it has.

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