15 Slot Features That People Hate

We went through a list of posts by people asked to share what kind of slot features they don’t like. Do you agree with them?

Slots are of varying quality, and some game developers are better at pissing people off than others. When designing slots, psychology is of great importance and designers are constantly trying to perfect the science of keeping players in the “zone”, a place where players escape reality and only focus on the slot. Developers don’t necessarily want you to lose all your money straight away, but often they tend to want to keep you going for a while to get some action. It’s a way of fooling the player into having a positive experience despite losing.

But we’re gamblers and despite “knowing” slots are rigged and that the casino always wins, it still doesn’t deter us from playing, because we love the thrill, the buzz of winning big and we just can’t stop chasing those epic mega wins. After all, winning is possible and in many ways the chances of winning on online slots are often greater than many other forms of gambling.

But we weren’t supposed to talk about all of that. Let’s see what kind of features players don’t like when playing slots online!

1. Non paying scatters

Two scatters are supposed to pay and at least give you a refund, isn’t this common sense? Many games even double your bet when landing two scatters, but some just slaps you in the face. Not ok!

2. Expanding wilds that do absolutely nothing

We’ve all seen it, games that make a big thing out of expanding wilds and full wild reels, but always keeps disappointing us. It’s not that unusual even to get 3 full wild reels and a dead spin, I mean come on.

3. Extra wilds features with no extra wilds

Microgaming really perfected this one with their game Jurassic Park. The Extra Wilds feature actually seems to removes wilds. How comical.

4. Worthless retriggers

Both Raging Rhink and Montezuma are good examples of this. The bonus feature can go on forever, but ends up paying next to nothing. If you don’t want to pay us, simply don’t retrigger. Jeez.

5. Bells and whistles even on dead spins

If you played Lost Island (NetEnt) you know what we mean. Landing a wild on a dead spin, it will still go through this little sequence of adding up the multiplier. Very annoying.

6. Congrats to nothing

“Congratulations you won 0 coins”. That’s the result of some really top notch programming.

7. Ridiculous big win celebrations

Some game developers will make a fuss about a 20x win, while a game like Dead or Alive can drop 3000x into your balance like nothing happened.

8. The 4 scatter curse

You land 4 scatters and you already know the bonus is going to be crap 99% of the time because of the 20x stake it pays.

9. Worthless scatter symbols

Free spins where scatters can’t even retrigger, but they still have to be there to block your wins.

10. Just get on with it, will ya!

Something that can make players furious is not being able to skip a coin count up. Bah!

11. 1x free spins

Free spins with a 1x multiplier makes no sense and players hate it!

12. Million mega ways to lose

Big Time Gaming slots have insane potential, we all know that. But it’s still a bit ridiculous how a game with thousands and thousands of paylines still most often gives dead spins.

13. Scatters that don’t give a bonus

How frustrating when you get the scatter symbols on the first 3 reels and still not awarded free spins. Gonzo’s Quest anyone?

14. Teasing features

As if being a slot player isn’t frustrating enough, game developers feel they need to pour more salt in our wounds by adding tease features as seen in games such as Wizard of Oz (bubble comes in and disappears), Koi Princess (the fish that likes to poke you in the eye) and Wish Upon A Jackpot (the teasing fairy).

15. Pick bonuses

They’re obviously there to give you a sense of having triggered something important, when in fact it’s usually as bad as the base game, if not worse.

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