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With the help of the Slot Tracker we’ve been able to compare the performance of particular slots like Book of Dead and Cazino Zeppelin. But how do the game providers hold up against each other

Statistics never lie they say, but it can always be twisted and interpreted in ways to accommodate ones own agenda. It the world of slots numbers and statistics are a very important part of the game but we must always remember to put them into context. For example, when it comes to RTP (Return to Player), it doesn’t really mean anything until a very large number of spins has been achieved. Comparing the performance of providers is therefor problematic as well for the very same reason. With a relatively low amount of spins the stats don’t really mean anything. There could have been factors such as a very lucky streak or serious downswings that affected the numbers. It takes millions of spins before it all starts adding up. This doesn’t mean the numbers are not interesting. It’s still very fascinating to look at and that’s what we are going to do here.

Bigwinboard had a look at the performance of some of the largest providers to compare them to each other. We gathered number of spins, the RTP they have resulted in, average bonus win and bonus frequency. These are the results.

Provider Number of Spins RTP Avg Bonus Win Avg Bonus Freq
NetEnt 3,257,252 95.93% 27.62X 1 / 117.96 (0.85%)
Microgaming  2,019,482  94.30%  42.69X  1 / 147.18 (0.68%)
Yggdrasil  748,764  90.49%  48.22X  1 / 168.38 (0.59%)
 WMS  424,168  96.90%  40.27X 1 / 111.04 (0.90%)
 Play’N Go  1,391,255 94.69% 15.02X 1 / 39.10 (2.56%)
 Novomatic  1,188,714 95.07%  91.72X 1 / 200.46 (0.50%)
Thunderkick  470,663   95.59%  34.93X  1 / 75.71 (1.32%)
Big time Gaming 1,085,658 95.67% 79.32X 1 / 322.54 (0.31%)
Merkur 488,763 92.12% 99.67X 1 / 281.71 (0.35%)
Quickspin 319,668 94.08% 42.13X 1 / 184.89 (0.54%)

Based on these stats gathered across several casinos by several players connected to the Slot Tracker community we can see a few interesting things. Yggdrasil for example, allthough not nearly as many spins gathered as NetEnt and Microgaming, seems to performe worst of all the large providers. This actually correlates with our own personal conceptions of their games. We often been told that they are of high volatile type, which seems rather true looking at the average bonus frequency, but the truth is that the potential of their games are not more spectacular than say NetEnt or Microgaming. In fact, not even close.

Our conclusion is that yes, Yggdrasil do create beautiful and very innovative games and for that they deserve some credit. But if you want to pay to play games just for the sake of having some fun you might as well just go out and get a console instead of throwing your money into a black hole. Yggdrasil slots can pay of course, but if you want to improve your chances of a withdrawal then you are better to stay away.

Another interesting provider on this list is Play’N Go. We’ve critizied them before for enabeling casinos to alter the RTP on their own and which is a big no, no on our list. What surprises us a little bit is that they seem to be quite a low varience provider when looking at the numbers. While being most likely to trigger bonus on, they’re also the most likely to give you low paying wins. The RTP at the same time is not horrible but not very good either.

It might also be compelling to draw the conclusion that WMS is the best performing provider looking at the RTP, but with only 400k spins it’s a bit uncertain.

The numbers on this list also agrees with what we have heard people say about Novomatics. They are quite hard to trigger bonus on, but when you do you are usually guaranteed a decent win at least. Very rarely, if ever, do they give a zero win.

The giants NetEnt and Microgaming perform quite well in our opinion. They have such an extensive list of games ranging from very low volatile to super high volatile so it’s hard to make a fair assesement but in general looking at the average bonus wins and frequency, Microgaming appears to be a bit more high varience than NetEnt.

We’ll be back with another update in a few months to see if anything has changed.

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