12 Trojan Mysteries slot
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12 Trojan Mysteries

12 Trojan Mysteries: Slot Overview Editor’s note: This review evaluates 12 Trojan Mysteries based on its early access state. At the time of writing, the game is still under development, and we plan revisiting this […]

3 secret cities slot
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3 Secret Cities

3 Secret Cities: Slot OverviewDeveloper 4ThePLayer continues its trend of using numbers in their game titles (to propel them to the top of lists presumably) while producing slots that deviate from the norm. While not […]

123 boom slot

123 Boom!

123 Boom!: Slot OverviewSitting at the top of just about any casino’s A-Z list comes 123 Boom! from developer 4ThePlayer. The last slot we reviewed from these guys was a shark-infested outing that offered all […]

2 gods zeus vs thor

2 Gods Zeus Vs Thor

2 Gods Zeus vs Thor: OverviewLuke vs Darth, Rocky vs Apollo Creed, Predator vs Alien, take your pick; there have been some epic showdowns throughout history. However, battles don’t get much bigger than they do […]

6 wild sharks

6 Wild Sharks

6 Wild Sharks: OverviewDeveloper 4ThePlayer are a curious bunch. They might not have a huge back catalogue of games at the moment, but what they do have is varied indeed. From the snowy 9k Yeti […]

1 left alive

1 Left Alive

1 Left Alive (4ThePlayer): Overview4ThePlayer’s second slot possesses almost as many similarities as differences to their debut 9k Yeti. First, we have the title, which they have again cleverly used to leapfrog to the top […]


9k Yeti

9k Yeti (4ThePlayer): OverviewThe latest developer to team up with Yggdrasil Gaming is a small London based indie studio with some awe-inspiring lifehacks for other providers to learn from. Lesson one, use numerals at the […]