The Best Online Casinos in 2020: Where is the Industry at Today?



The online casino world is constantly going through change. Are the same brands that used to lead the way still the best? Let’s find out. Here is our list of the best online casinos in 2020.

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If you’ve been around for a couple of years or more, you will probably have noticed that the industry has undergone a lot of change. Obviously, it depends on who you ask, but whilst some of these changes have been for the better, other ones appear to have done more harm than good. In any case, the iGaming industry has always had to adapt to market changes, so that is nothing new. The casino industry has also always been an easy political target, and regulators are becoming increasingly difficult to please.

From a players point of view, regulations can be both good and bad. Those who play regularly will probably find that it’s a mix of both. Many Swedish players, for example, are happy with the effectiveness of the self-exclusion service known as Spelpaus which all Swedish facing casinos are obliged to provide.

It’s a doubled edge sword though. With some 40k players having excluded themselves, operators now struggle to find value in the Swedish market, and as a direct consequence, players now see less value too. As if not enough, all types of promotions have been banned whilst welcome bonuses have been limited to only one for the lifetime of a player. A 3 second spin delay has been enforced as well, which simply leaves some games unplayable. As most of you will probably understand, casinos are not charities, but profit driven enterprises with employees and business partners relying on their success.

Sadly for the players, the only effective way for an operator to make up for this loss in revenue, which also comes in the form of increased taxes, frequent fines, and expensive license fees, is to simply lower the RTP – sometimes drastically. It’s not hard to see why many operators and players reminisce about the old gray market days where bonuses were plentiful, promotions generous, and things were more relaxed. Not everything was a smooth ride for players back then either, but a lot more straightforward and rewarding if you knew what you were doing.

The British have had reason to complain too, and not just due to lowered RTP. Whilst the UKGC has done a lot of good and helped make gambling safer, especially for minors, they’ve made some rather strange decisions too. One of them is the ban on offering demo play from sites such as ours. Ironically, players are now forced to log in to their casinos instead if they wish to try new games that they’re curious about. That, of all things, is likely to increase the risk of them making a deposit.

It’s no secret that the operators are at the mercy of the regulators who, in some cases, systematically exploit them and milk them like perennial moo cows. Those who end up paying the price are the casino enthusiasts who are now spending more of their own money as bonuses run dry and the RTP continues to drop.

Then there is the ongoing problem with a constant threat of being fined – sometimes excessively so – in markets where rules are not as crystal clear as they would need to be, and which often leaves operators second guessing on what to do or not to do.

The biggest drawback of all, however, which nearly all UK players seem to unanimously agree on, is the intrusive source of wealth requests that casinos are forced to carry out. In several cases, it has proven impossible for players to comply as casinos sometimes feel the need to go to ridiculous lengths just to be safe and avoid being fined.

And still, after all this time, a lock withdrawal policy is yet to come into effect, and holding withdrawals at ransom whilst waiting for verification, and source of wealth requests to be completed, is still as common today as it was before regulations promised to make life easier and more safe for players.

Regulations are necessary, there is no doubt about that. But instead of just coming up with more and more rules, the regulatory authorities should focus more on regulations that help improve the situation for those who actually love to play slots. As it stands, most regulators seem to assume that all players need to be protected from themselves. That is not true.

When you over-regulate a market, both players and operators will eventually begin to look for alternatives. Unfortunately, many players are turning to Curacao casinos where player protection is of low priority. Of course, not all Curacao casinos are bad, there are actually some good ones, but it’s a mine-field nonetheless that players should probably stay away from unless they know what they’re doing.

So which are the best online casinos in 2020? Here are three online casinos that will cover all your bases and likely suit all your needs.



Over the years, Videoslots has built up a solid reputation and a big fan base. In fact, Videoslots has always stood out as a casino made for true slots enthusiasts and has built up what could almost be considered a cult following.

Much of it can be attributed to their wholesome attitude towards players, where generous promotions, ultra fast withdrawals, reliable service, and a unique gamification technique is part of the deal, but also the fact that they’re the biggest online casino in the world with over 4,000 casino games.

It should be mentioned though that, just like many other casinos on the market, Videoslots have made a decision to use a lower RTP setting for most games that offer flexible RTP. This may not apply to your particular geographical location, but you may want to double check the RTP before you hit the spin button.

For example, all Play’n GO games now come with the 94% setting instead of the default 96%. Whilst a deal-breaker for some, Videoslots remains one of the very finest online casinos. Verification is super simple, the customer service is as great as every before and withdrawals usually processed within minutes.

Visit Videoslots



With support for all sorts of mobile devices including iPhones, tablets, and Android smartphones, LeoVegas is the ideal casino site to play if you don’t want to be restricted to your desktop while gambling. Self proclaimed as the “King of mobile casinos”, LeoVegas is our personal go-to casino when we feel the itch and has been for well over 5 years.

Their slots collection may not be quite as extensive as the one found at Videoslots, but all the essentials are there + some more, so there is little to complain about in that regard. The customer service at LeoVegas has also been named one of the best in the industry by players themselves in various casino communities, which we have no reason to dispute.

Withdrawals are usually processed ultra fast, but can be a tad bit more inconsistent when compared to Videoslots. Not only does LeoVegas offer a great bonus package to get you started, but they’re one of few casinos that have still stuck to the highest RTP settings for their games. That alone is reason enough to give these guys a go.

Visit LeoVegas



Captain Rizk’s super powers may have been crippled slightly by regulations, but he’s still going strong. Although the ownership of this iconic casino has been passed on from GiG to Betsson, not much has changed from a players perspective – which is a good thing.

Now, Rizk may not be the most fancy casino out there, but there are a few reasons why you should consider playing here. For one, players can lock their withdrawals which is super handy if you have a habit of spunking all your profit back to the casino. Moreover, what you get playing here is a reliable workhorse of a casino with a friendly, well-trained and professional staff. Withdrawals are usually processed instantly, as they should, and you can often enjoy some exclusive titles here every now and then.

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