The UK Gambling Commission Set to Introduce New Verification Rules


New verification rules to be introduced by the UKGC on the 7th of May 2019

The verification process is a source of much debate and a cause for many disputes between players and operators, which is why we’re happy to finally see the UK Gambling Commission introduce a new set of rules that will ensure a safer and fairer gambling experience.

Until now, operators have been allowed a span of 72 hours to perform identity checks, something that has enabled dubious casinos to hold winnings at ransom or to be used against the player as part of a stalling tactic (a good reason to stick to our accredited casinos). In fact, over 15% of the complaints made to the UKGC are related to this issue.

The new rules, set to come into force on the 7th of May this year, will require operators to verify players before any deposits can be made or even before being able to gamble with a free bet bonus. Additionally, despite not technically gambling, players will also be denied access to demo play in order to protect children. welcomes these changes that will hopefully result in a more positive gambling experience. Players should under no circumstances have to worry about not being paid what they’ve won fair and square. Going forward, online casinos will not be allowed to demand players to verify their identities as a condition of withdrawing their winnings (if the information could have been asked for earlier). Furthermore, self-excluded players will from this point on be easier to spot should they attempt to gamble.

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