Top 5 Biggest Casinos in Europe


Casinos across the world are all about making the biggest impression they can with their customers and there is no better way of doing that than by size. The casinos in the US and Macau dominate the global scale but what about in Europe?

1. Casino di Campione, Como, Italy

Slots and Table Games: 556
Bars and Restaurants: 3

The largest casino in Europe is not only the most iconic but also the most unique. It is located in the municipality of Campione d’Italia, which is an Italian enclave within the boundaries of Switzerland, on the banks of Lake Lugano.

The casino was initially established back in 1917 and was built so it could be used to attract foreign diplomats and gain sensitive information from them during World War I. It moved into new premises back in 2007. The new venue was designed by the renowned Swiss architect Mario Botta.

In total, the casino is spread across nine floors with an extra three floors dedicated to customer parking space. The casino boasts over 500 slot machines with 56 classic casino table games for players to enjoy. Roulette, blackjack, chemin de fer, baccarat, punto banco, and video poker can also be played at the casino.

In 2006, the casino was at the centre of a media storm when Vittorio Emanuele di Savola, the son of the last king of Italy, was accused of running a prostitution ring through the casino.

2. Casino de Monte Carlo, Monaco, France

Slots and Table Games: 300+
Bars and Restaurants: 18

Casino de Monte Carlo has to be the most beautifully stunning casino in Europe and makes it into second place on our list. It is also undoubtedly one of the most famous European casinos, having become closely linked to the fictional British spy James Bond.

The casino provided the inspiration for Bond author Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale and the casino itself was used in Bond movies Never Say Never Again and Goldeneye. It also popped up in the hit movie Ocean’s Twelve.

The casino is one of the oldest in the world too, having first opened back in 1863. It is a resort complex that is the home of the Grand Theatre de Monte Carlo and the Les Ballets de Monte Carlo as well. The venue is owned by French public trading company Societes des bains de mer de Monaco.

Interestingly, citizens of Monaco are not allowed to enter the gaming rooms. A wide range of games are available for players to play at the casino including roulette, stud poker, blackjack, trente et quarante, craps, baccarat, video poker and a huge selection of slot machines.

3. Resorts World Birmingham, Birmingham, UK

Slots and Table Games: 200+
Bars and Restaurants: 18

The third entry on this list is one of the most recent additions to the European casino scene. Resorts World Birmingham is a Genting-owned complex that was opened in 2015 after two years of construction.

It cost £150 million to build and was not only the first Resorts World destination in Europe but it also became the largest casino in the UK. It is located in the city’s NEC district and also includes shops, bars, restaurants, a spa, cinema and a four-star hotel.

A wide selection of games can be played at the casino such as baccarat, blackjack, poker, roulette, slots and three card poker.

The casino offers VIP private rooms, the famous Fahrenheit restaurant, a sports bar, and also offers players the chance to learn the rules of the different games with their ‘learn to play’ sessions.

4. The Casino at the Empire, London, UK

Slots and Table Games: 150+
Bars and Restaurants: 4

Caesars Entertainment are one of the biggest casino operators in the world behind some of the biggest casino names in the world such as Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, The London Club in Cairo and this, The Casino at the Empire in the UK.

It is located in the building of the old Victorian music hall that was called The Empire. The venue is steeped in history and provides the perfect setting for a night at the tables and slots. It first opened back in 1884 and is ideally positioned in London’s West End in Leicester Square.

There is no shortage of games to play at the casino. American roulette, blackjack, punto banco, three card poker, pai gow, electronic gaming machines and slots can all be enjoyed at the venue.

The poker room is one of the most renowned in the UK with cash games, poker packages and tournaments all listed on the schedule.

The Carlsberg Sports Bar and Icon Balcony Bar offer some light refreshment and the casino’s restaurant delivers some of the finest cuisine in the capital city.

5. Casino Estoril, Lisbon, Portugal

Slots and Table Games: 1,235
Bars and Restaurants: 10

The final casino on this list is one of the most majestic in Europe and its location might surprise a number of people due to Portugal not generally being considered as a hive of activity for gambling.

However, the Lisbon-based Casino Estoril is a consistent inclusion in lists of this sort. It first opened in 1916 and was reputed as a secretive meeting point for spies during World War I.

Most of the largest casinos in Europe are open 24/7 but Casino Estoril continues to thrive despite only opening from 3pm until 3am Sunday to Thursday and then 4pm to 4am on Fridays, Saturdays and bank holidays.

Casino Estoril offers a massive choice of games including roulette, blackjack, baccarat, French bank and Caribbean stud poker. There are over 200 slot machines for players to try. The casino’s poker room is one of the most illustrious in Europe with No Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha tournaments scheduled frequently.

The Play Garden Bar, Casablanca Bar, Lounge D, Jackpot Bar and Blackjack Bar offer drinks and relaxation away from the tables. There are also a number of high-profile restaurants present within the complex such as Nobre Estoril, Mandarim, Clube in Buffet, Zeno Lounge and Restaurant Praia Do Tamariz.

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