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Another year is coming to an end and it’s time for us to sum it all up. We’ve gone through the list of every slot released in 2017 and picked the best 5

There’s been well over 800 games released during the year and even though only a very limited amount of them stands out, it’s still not an easy task mind you. While some of the providers seem to stick pretty much to old and well proven concepts, other try their best to come up with innovative ideas. But being innovative doesn’t necessarily mean good games and why fix something that works?

We’re going to be brutally honest here. Providers such as Novomatic and Merkur have no place on this list and we feel confident that the readers will understand why. It has nothing to do with them being bad providers, quite the opposite – we love their games! But let’s face it, if you played one Novomatic you’ve pretty much played them all.

On this list we’ve focused more on innovative slot providers, games that offers players something new, that feels fresh and interesting. Being traditional and old fashioned is not always a bad thing, which both Merkur and Novomatic have proven – but it won’t get you on this list. If we were to list the all time best slots ever made it would have been a different thing all together.

We’re sure many of you will disagree with our list and what type of slots you like is highly individual. But we base this list not only on our liking, but from what we’ve seen in the casino streaming community, most talked about slots on online forums and last but not least experiences from discussions irl.

With that said, let’s have a look at Bigwinboard’s top 5 favorite games of 2017 – starting from bottom going to the top.


We had this slot available for testing long before it was actually released. This allowed us, and likely many others, to make up our minds about it even before it hit the market. Releases from Big Time Gaming are always hyped in the industry and amongst enthusiasts and what makes BTG stand out from the rest is a combination of ultra high volatility and awesome gameplay.

It seems almost impossible for BTG to fail with the concept they got going on, but instead of being lazy like many other providers and just keep releasing reskins, they come up with new ideas! While we list White Rabbit on the bottom of our top 5 list, it should be said that this game has likely been one of the most talked about slot releases of the year, and the hype within the casino streaming community is of an magnitude we have never seen before.

What worries us a bit about this game however is the buy in feature and how it might affect players already struggling with addiction. It seems too easy to blow 100-200€ in one go. At the same time this is a catch 22. While being an interesting new approach, thrilling in a brutal kind of way, it is of course also a dangerous path to walk. But isn’t this the very essence of gambling?


Reactoonz hasn’t been out for very long but it’s popularity has been well noted. Like many of our readers might know we’ve been a bit negative towards Play’n Go for various reasons. This has done nothing however to deter players from the Swedish provider and it has never been our intention either. After all, Book of Dead is one of our all time favorite slots!

While games such as Reactoonz are confusing to many of us, a lot of people love the chaos and busy gameplay these type of slots has to offer. We’ve decided to list Reactoonz on 4th place because it’s combination of great and fun graphics, interesting and innovative gameplay together with some really good potential.


Play’n Go released many great games this year and they seem more active than ever. It was not a hard decision to place Moon Princess in the top 3 and from what we’ve seen both within the casino streaming community, where a lot of streamers and viewers lists this as their favorite game, and on communities on the internet, it’s popularity is massive!

The game has adopted the manga look and feel in a great way, together with a very interesting and innovative gameplay. Even though you’re not always sure what’s going on and how those blue balls (haha) appears, it’s nonetheless a very fun and thrilling game with some great potential. The game seems to divide people into two camps – either you love it, or you hate it, but that’s usually the case with things reaching great popularity and it goes for pretty much every game in our top 5 list. Well done Play’n Go!


DHV was released early in 2017 and the game was hyped beyond belief being a following up to one of the greatest online slots ever made – Bonanza. At first, people seemed a bit hesitant and weren’t really sure what to make of it. It might have been confusing for many to see a developer take such a huge step into another direction after just having had a huge success and thus expected to try something similar again (i.e a reskin).

DHV wasn’t love at first sight. It was a stronger kind of love more of the kind that grows slowly and matures into a lifelong relationship. This is and will remain a classic for sure and if there ever was a slots hall of fame it would be well on it’s way there.

But what is it that makes DHV so great? The sick potential is one factor of course, but that alone can’t make a game great. Chasing that 3rd scatter is almost mesmerizing in a way hard to describe and landing it is orgasmic for lack of a better word. BTG are really good at allowing good base game action despite at the same time being insanely high volatile thus also why we would like to give their programmers a special award in itself.

Ok, sure it can be a little annoying that the low value symbol you’ve just been awarded in the Gates of Hell feature seems to magically disappear in the bonus, but all is forgiven when you finally hit that 66x multiplier in the High Voltage bonus or triple 6x in the base game.

How can you not place a game like this at the top of the list being innovative, so very different from everything else, while also allowing players to have a chance to win serious money!


We’ve decided to put Jungle Spirit at the top of the list because we feel this is the all around best slot of the year. It offers great graphics, interesting features, amazing potential and being NetEnt it’s availability must be taken into account too. NetEnt has not been know to release many 243 ways slots but this is one of them and likely their best one. While the hype has naturally cooled down a bit after having been available for some time, it is still by many concidered one of the best slots ever released by NetEnt and it’s been gaining massive attention on both forums and in the casino streaming community.

Just the other day we saw someone post a 5200x win hitting almost a full screen tigers and we’re sure wins like that will keep the game alive and in focus for a long time to come. What is there not to love about Jungle Spirit? A thrilling base game with a great random feature and a bonus with expanded reels allowing for even greater wins.

While DHV might have been the most popular slot amongst “slot nerds” we believe that Jungle Spirit may well be the most popular slot in general amongst the common player. Bigwinboard would like to congratulate all providers listed on our top 5 list for doing an amazing job and for working hard to find new ways to entertain the players – but we must also congratulate NetEnt in particular for releasing what we concider to be the best slot of 2017! Well done!

Other slots that were nominated by us (listed in no particular order):

  • Life of Riches (Microslots)
  • Scruffy Duck (NetEnt)
  • Ted (Blueprint)
  • Sakura (Quickspin)
  • Hong Kong Tower (ELK)
  • Viking Runecraft (PnG)
  • Flame Busters (Thunderkick)
  • Ivanhoe (ELK)
  • Joker Pro (NetEnt)
  • Jurassic World (Microgaming)
  • Six Acrobats (Microgaming)
  • Sticky Bandits (Quickspin)
  • Jungle Books (Yggdrasil)
  • Pink Elephant (Thunderkick)
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