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Feel confident knowing you’re getting a fair game with the help of Tracksino

For any punter looking to gain an edge in their online gambling, casino tracker Tracksino is a must. Tracksino is a free service that records the results of the most popular live casino games and provides the ability to test exactly how bets would have turned out. Not only can this information help hone strategies, it also gives users the chance to verify the fairness of each game. Tracksino arms you with concrete numbers to help make your next bet with several of the most popular live games.


What exactly is Tracksino?

Tracksino keeps tabs on several live online casino games from industry leader Evolution Gaming. They do so by recording the result of each deal, roll, or spin from titles such as Crazy Time, Monopoly Live, Lightning Roulette, and Deal or No Deal. Not one to rest though, Tracksino is looking to expand their service with several more titles in the pipeline.

The major benefit for gamblers is accessing a goldmine of information – both historical and real-time. A wealth of past data can be mined to develop a clear statistical representation of what is happening on the ground and develop strategies to suit. Players have 30 days worth of information at their fingertips, revealing far more prominent trends than could be picked up over a single session. This narrows the gaps, cuts down on waiting time and helps sharpen tactics.

The amazing thing is that Tracksino is free and does not require any registration. There is no software to download either as the full service can be accessed through your web browser. Tracksino looks to level the playing field by providing live RTP ratings plus success projections by comparing them to real-time stats. This information helps paint a clearer picture of what is occurring, live, at that precise moment.

Access a range of data

The sorts of data you can find at Tracksino includes the return to player rate for specific bets, the profit or loss from a set number of spins, even the odds according to individual dealers. Number crunchers and boffins benefit from drastically reduced analysis time, and better opportunities to place more informed bets. Here are some examples of the useful information available at Tracksino:

  • Crazy Time – biggest recent multipliers with video footage, spin history detailing results, multipliers, total winners, and more.
  • Monopoly Live – the most frequent numbers, results of dice rolls and chance cards, plus the biggest multipliers.
  • Deal or No Deal – roll results, average win, and how frequently each box appeared to help beat the banker.
  • Lightning Roulette – see when numbers last hit, check the frequencies of high/low, red/black, odd/even, tiers, and first to fifth lucky results.
  • Dream Catcher – review the stats for each dealer, as well the multipliers and numbers that have landed.

Keep in mind Tracksino logs results, and collates data constantly, whether you are logged in or not.

Tracksino – statistics page

How to use Tracksino

Step one is opening up the website which can be done on a smartphone just as well as a desktop browser or tablet. Straight away you’ll see the available games as well as several that are in development. Find the game you are interested in and either click on the ‘Watch’ button to see the events unfold in real-time, or ‘View Statistics’ to peruse the library of up to date figures.

Stats we have covered above, so a quick word on the Watch functionality. This is an excellent tool if you’re new to the game and would like a risk-free overview of how it works. It is a great way of building confidence before taking the plunge and betting real money. Watch lets users celebrate big wins which provides plenty of entertainment in its own right. You can also observe the dealers in action, to pick one that gels with your personality – all without risking a penny in the process.

Why use Tracksino

Tracksino is perfect for players who like to take an analytical approach to gambling. Reading the data and studying the trends may help build a more accurate assessment of probabilities over a longer period of time than is possible on your own. Using Tracksino, you get a solid months’ worth of results, instantly available for digestion.

Tracksino is an excellent tool to keep tabs on developers too, ensuring their games are fair. Evolution Gaming already has a stellar reputation as far as fairness goes, but no longer do players need to rely on third-party assessments. Tracksino provides the ability to compare up to date RTP percentages and win projections with the theoretical figures. Sure, regulated online casinos are audited, but thanks to the data provided by Tracksino, players can be more confident they are receiving a fair deal by seeing up to the minute data.

Tracksino also offers several tools to enhance your gaming experience. Foremost is Blackjack Brain as well as an Emulator tool for Dream Catcher and Monopoly Live.

  • Blackjack Brain

Have you ever seen those movies where a professional is telling a newbie what to do via a video hook up and an earpiece? Blackjack Brain is similar. This helpful tool simplifies the card game, minimising the chances of making mathematical mistakes. Blackjack Brain uses math models to suggest which actions create the best odds. This tool is as helpful for new players to learn the ropes as it is for old hands to compare their playing style with the ‘correct’ Blackjack strategy.

  • Monopoly Live and Dream Catcher Emulator

This tool lets you enter bets on the various options to calculate how you would have fared over a sample of results. You can instantly see what your profit/loss amount would have been, the total in and out, as well as the precise RTP. The results can be quite enlightening.

Wrap up

Any gambler looking for a new edge would do well to check out Tracksino. Never mind rabbit’s feet or hanging up a horseshoe, few measures are edgier than cold hard data. No longer is there any need to sit through hours of games, adding ticks to spreadsheets or notepads. Tracksino removes the legwork, by providing a ton of useful information you can use to form a more coherent betting strategy. Of course, no system guarantees wins, but Tracksino’s data helps minimise the feeling of throwing darts in the dark. And it’s free. What’s not to like?

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