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Trigger Happy: Slot Overview

One of the definitions of the phrase 'trigger happy' taken from the Cambridge Dictionary is 'ready to use violence or force immediately, without careful thought.' Sounds dangerous, but in a plot twist Big Time Gaming's slot Trigger Happy does not feature individuals who are quick on the draw, ready and willing to shoot the shizz out of everything and everybody at the slightest provocation. Instead, players are pulled into a fairground-type event, or as the game sheet calls it, 'an explosive arcade adventure', where targeting stuff is a key part of the action, sure, but where the inhabitants are fluffy critters rather than bloodthirsty desperadoes.

Trigger Happy is a cluster pays slot with a gaming grid embedded in an arcade game mechanism, the kind you slip coins into and either try to win something or just have a bit of fun. If you used to spend time in those dank arcade parlours of the past with their rows of video games, or better, in those more modern gaming establishments where kids play games in order to win tickets they can exchange for stuff, you might feel right at home here.

Trigger Happy slot
Trigger Happy slot - base game

Trigger Happy is a bright spot full of colour and quirky characters, and like an arcade game, players drop their stake in to see what happens. The betting choices range from 20 c to $/€20, and the option to buy the free spins round is here, too. BTG has labelled Trigger Happy's volatility 'very high' and its RTP comes in at 96.58%.

Played on a 5x5 game grid, wins are created when 5 or more identical pay symbols land adjacent to each other in horizontal and/or vertical directions. The symbols in a winning cluster are removed by the reaction feature, which replaces them by dropping symbols down from above, ending a reaction run when no new win appears. The pay symbols are furry balls with eyes like Play'n GO's Toonz, and hitting 5 OAK of them pays 0.1 to 0.5 times the bet up to 10-50 times the bet for 15+ OAK.

Trigger Happy: Slot Features

Trigger Happy slot
Trigger Happy slot - free spins

Players who like aiming at things may be intrigued by Trigger Happy's targeting system, as well as its Bonus Panel features, free spins, and various entry to free spins options.


Wilds substitute for all paying symbols. On every spin and reaction, a Target will place a wild in a random position. Payouts are multiplied by all displayed multipliers on wilds in the respective win.

Bonus Panels

There are 2 Bonus Panels next to the reels, one running horizontally, the other vertically. On each spin and reaction, the 2 Bonus Panels may reveal Multipliers, Bombs, and Trigger Coins.

  • Multipliers - a multiplier that aligns with a Target's final position is applied to the wild in that position. If Multipliers align in both Panels, then they are multiplied together for the target wild. In the base game, multipliers can be up to x3.
  • Bomb - if a Bomb appears, it removes all symbols from its row or column and adds up to 4 wilds to the row or column.
  • Trigger Coin - if a Target's final position aligns with Trigger Coins in both Bonus Panels, 8 free spins are awarded. Free spins can be awarded more than once in a reaction sequence.

Free Spins

During the free spins round, there are 2 Targets, each placing a wild at differing positions on the reels. If a Target's final position aligns with Trigger Coins in both Bonus Panels, +3 free spins are awarded, which can happen multiple times in a reaction sequence. If both Targets align with Trigger Coins on both Bonus Reels, +6 free spins are awarded. Another benefit of the free spins round is that Multipliers can be up to x10 in value.

Win Exchange & Buying Free Spins

As well as waiting for Targets and Trigger Coins to align, players have other ways of reaching the bonus round. One is using the Win Exchange by exchanging a base game win of between 25x and 100x the bet for a gamble on a wheel for the chance to win free spins. Another way is to exchange 100x the bet for free spins when a win of 100 times the bet or more occurs in the base game. Or, free spins can just be bought at a cost of 100x the bet. When buying free spins, the RTP is 96.58%.

Trigger Happy slot
Trigger Happy slot - free spins

Trigger Happy: Slot Verdict

Sometimes, you know, not trying to be a wise guy, but a dive into a Big Time Gaming slot can come with certain expectations in mind, such as Megaways, a smart base game feature which gets a boost in the bonus round, stellar numbers, possibly kick to the crotch mathematics. Not always, though. The studio has proven on numerous occasions it is willing to hang it out there by doing new things that others aren't. Examples include Megaclusters or Megaquads. Trigger Happy was another one which operated differently from how it was expected to, springing out a few surprises here and there like a game of Whac-A-Mole.

One interesting thing about Trigger Happy is the way it comes across as a 'fun wee' slot, a jaunty trip to the arcades with fluffy fellows, yet there is nothing 'wee' about what we've got here. For starters, winning potential is capped at 50,000x the bet, which makes Trigger Happy closer to a shaggy, lumbering monster than an irresistibly huggable ball of fur. The volatility is 'very high', too, let's not forget. Like one of those claw machines, it's not always going to grab the item you want from the glassed enclosure, so to speak. Not that any slot will, of course, but Big Time Gaming slots often have a reputation for making players work for the best bits, and Trigger Happy comes across as one of those.

Should it work out, then Trigger Happy's rewards can be substantial, though players may need quite a few moving parts to converge and work together just so to really blow up. Rather unique parts moving in a rather unique way, too, which won't be to everyone's liking, but checking out a studio as creative as Big Time Gaming drop something new like Trigger Happy is an event worth jotting down on the to-do list.


Trigger Happy is a high-powered Big Time Gaming slot blending characterful presentation with singular gameplay.

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