Twitch Gambling Streams: What Now?

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The DLive slots meta today

Yesterday the new Twitch prohibited gambling content policy came into effect, and things have already changed drastically. Many, both iGaming representatives and viewers, are curious to understand where it’s all headed. When markets close, new opportunities arise. But is that the case here? We don’t have all the answers, but for what it’s worth, this is our perspective on the matter.

What is the current situation on Twitch?

All the big Stake/crypto streamers have ceased their streaming activities in the slots category, and the slots meta has dropped considerably. At the time of writing, the slots meta is currently at position 48, which is a far cry from its position pre-prohibition era. Having said that, a large portion of the views used to come from view botting (a tactic employed by most fake streamers), meaning the number was always ridiculously inflated. With them gone, we should now be closer to the actual number, although view botting is still used by some streamers.

On day two following the policy update, many of the targeted fake streamers appear to have adopted similar tactics of trying to drive traffic from Twitch to their newly created DLive accounts by incentivising viewers with giveaways. Although we haven’t looked into it, this is something that could potentially be in conflict with Twitch’s terms and conditions.

Has reporting been effective?

According to several sources, reporting has indeed been effective. Moreover, to make things easier, Twitch has now also added a “prohibited gambling site” option to reports.

Which streamers are safe?

Some are trying to misunderstand the new policy update for their own benefit, claiming they are able to continue streaming as their particular crypto casino is not on the list of banned casinos. However, Twitch has explicitly stated the following; “We consider many factors in determining whether a site is allowed, including whether the site includes safety protections, such as deposit limits, waiting periods, and age verification systems.” In effect, this means that more casinos can, and likely will, be added to the list of prohibited casinos.

For the time being, it’s reasonable to assume that most EU/US licensed casinos are safe; at least as long as they don’t try to mimic Stake’s shady marketing shenanigans. Going down the fake money streaming route will always be (and should be) risky. If not only for getting banned but for completely ruining your long-term reputation as a streamer/company.

twitch slots
The Slots meta on Twitch

What will happen from now on?

It’s hard to say for sure. Several crypto streamers have already moved over to DLive, but the platform does not attract many viewers outside of the slots category, so the opportunity to recruit new subscribers and viewers is relatively poor. In the long run, slot streamers may potentially become isolated on DLive and lose their competitive edge.

Some are also trying their luck on Trovo Live, but considering the fact that the platform is owned by Chinese company Tencent Games, any attempts to build a following are doomed to fail since the Chinese tend to clamp down on gambling (as is evident by the situation on TikTok). As another alternative, Youtube may seem like an obvious choice, but there is a high risk the Google-owned platform will be even less tolerant than Twitch given that their policies are already comparably strict. At the end of the day, there is always the risk that gambling streams may become completely prohibited or severely restricted (age gating), but only time will tell.

How are gambling companies going to market themselves now on the platform?

It’s obvious just from looking at what’s been going on that some casinos and game providers have been more aggressive than others when it comes to marketing themselves on Twitch. Hacksaw and Pragmatic Play are two of the companies that have been in particularly heavy rotation and favoured by the fake crypto streamers. The same can be said for many Curacao casinos which are not limited by regulations in the same way as EU-licensed casinos.

Naturally, these companies will try to find new ways to market their products, and there is a good chance they are already mobilising to recruit new streamers. However, it’s safe to say that these marketing campaigns won’t be anywhere near as effective as they have been in the past given it will now be near impossible to recruit big Twitch streamers (outside of the gambling meta). Twitch themselves appears to tolerate the slots meta as long as things are sort of operated low-key in the background. Raising too much attention will inevitably lead to new problems.

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