How Well Does Your Favorite Slot Perform?

We Know The Statistics was the first casino site to publish slot statistics when comparing the performance of the different slot providers, something most other casino sites are reluctant to do in fear of harming their hard work promoting the casinos. But while the others choose to hide their heads in the sand, we’ll lead the way.

We really do believe in transparacy, something the casino industry is not really that good at. They do however in many cases have good reasons for not opening up too much. Out of security and competative reasons, the mechanics of slots have to be protected.

Up until about a year ago, we as regular joes, had no efficient way of finding out whether we were being screwed over or not. For what it’s worth we simply had to put all our trust in the control organs and regulators, something many of us have not been all that comfortable with. Yes, we are a suspicious bunch. But now, thank’s to and the Slot Tracker we can now publish cold hard facts and numbers.

So let’s see how some of your favorite slots compare to each other.

Provider Number of Spins RTP Best Win Avg Bonus Win Bonus Freq
Book of Dead 1,357,145 94.49% 5,021.00X 75.69X 1 / 177.01 (0.56%)
Dead or Alive 1,419,146  96.70% 4,181.11X 47.25X 1 / 153.47 (0.65%)
Bonanza 1,440,150   100.95%
3,677.15X 103.20X 1 / 463.67 (0.22%)
Immortal Romance 808,662  95.48% 1,485.00X 41.34X 1 / 159.78 (0.63%)


Numbers don’t lie, but they often need to be put in context to make sense.

These are all what can be concidered high variance slots, but even in this category there are great differences in volatility. Bonanza plays in a league of it’s own and could instead be concidered a super high volatile slot. This helps to explain why it’s so much harder to trigger the bonus on Bonanza. The max win however, is a bit lower than expected on a slot that has proven to spit out wins up to 16 000 times the bet. It’s also a bit surprising to see that the game is actually on the plus in terms of RTP. What a generous slot ha!

The fact that Book of Dead is listed as having the lowest RTP is not that surprising to use, concidered that the game developers behind the game allows casinos to set the RTP themselves. It’s very likely many casinos with shady licenses find it all too tempting to pick the lowest possible setting, which is likely somewhere around 89-91% RTP.

Dead or Alive does what Dead or Alive was meant to do. This is a real work horse and a true favorite here at Bigwinboard.

We’re not sure if our readers would agree, but lately we’ve had the feeling Immortal Rommance been “nerfed”, to use a common slang within the casino streaming community. It just doesn’t seem to play the way it used to in the past and quite honestly we don’t see that many wins being posted on social media anymore. Again, this is just a feeling and the answer can come down to other things rather than the slot being tampered with. For example, people may simply not play it as much as they used to. But the RTP is however a bit on the lower end and almost 1.5% lower than what’s been stated by the provider. The best win and average bonus win statistics doesn’t look that great either. Protection Status ©, 2019. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited and may result in a Google DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) takedown and/or legal action.

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