Yggdrasil Gaming Censoring Bigwinboard.com For Honest Reviews?


Yggdrasil Gaming’s legal and complaint officer causing Youtube copyright strike due to upload of showcase video

Updated on May 14, 2018

Copyright strike on Youtube inflicted by Yggdrasil Gaming representative.

As you have likely come to know by now, Bigwinboard.com is a place where you can find honest online slot reviews and unbiased casino industry insights. The internet is more or less littered with casino affiliate sites posting reviews with the sole purpose of selling the game, no matter how bad, in hope of attracting players. Bigwinboard.com has a very different philosophy. If a game is bad, we will tell you straight out that it is bad. If a casino is rouge, we will expose them as such.

There are other examples of safety measures we take in consideration for our readers, such as being picky with the casinos we promote. We get daily requests from off shore (Curacao) casinos asking for a spot on our site, something we won’t allow under any circumstances. The Curacao license is, simply put, a joke.

As we have come to learn however, speaking your mind in this industry is not always easy and some game developers likely expect even their worst games to be praised and worshiped, as they in fact are on the thousands of affiliate sites out there.

Thankfully we’re on good terms with most game providers and some even offer us a chance to review their games exclusively. We have bashed and ripped apart games from providers such as Play’n GO, NetEnt, Microgaming and Quickspin, and never once heard a word of complaint from any of them. Luckily we also enjoy early access to upcoming games which allows us to review online slots before they hit the casinos. This, in combination with our honest way of writing, is something that has become appreciated by our readers and the site has grown from nothing to having thousands of visitors in less than 6 months.

Vikings Go Berzerk by Yggdrasil is currently tracked having a surprisingly low RTP of 87%. The game has also been accused of having a “rigged” rage meter on various casino forums, meaning as players get close to triggering the Rage bonus, RTP drops, forcing the player to chase the bonus further.

One of our favorite game providers to review has been Yggdrasil Gaming. They stand out because of their visuals and innovative ideas, something that makes them interesting to write about. But Yggdrasil Gaming has also been exposed with having a surprisingly low RTP in our monthly performance checks. They have consistently been the worst performing provider, month after month, with an RTP far lower than the rest. In fact, it is so low that it shares more similarities with numbers seen in land based casinos. The amount of spins collected may not yet be sufficient enough to draw any definite conclusions, but still, the current numbers can’t be ignored.

We can’t say for sure of course, but this may also very well be the reason why today we received a copyright strike on Youtube, filed by Yggdrasil Gaming’s legal and complaint officer in Malta. This came without warning and without having been communicated to us beforehand. If having been asked to take down a video, we would have done so immediately as we value a good relationship with all providers, even if the idea of enforcing copyright protection on a big win video, whether live or unreleased, in our opinion at least, seems a bit overkill. Nothing in Yggdrasil’s client area (where we have been granted access) states that it would be in violation of copyright either.

But are there other reasons for cracking down on Bigwinboard.com, such as trying to silence us? Are they sensitive to our honest reviews and investigative way of writing? Who knows.

Either way, it was a surprising move by Yggdrasil Gaming considering the video had accumulated thousands of views and had generated quite a lot of interest for the game in general. The video itself was also a flattering one, showcasing a 800x win.

We would very much like to hear Yggdrasil’s reasoning for their actions and if we do, we will make sure to forward it here.

Communication With Yggdrasil Gaming

April 26, 2018

In a mail to us, Yggdrasil Gaming admits to having done wrong by granting us “access that we shouldn’t have had”. Yet they still seem to stand behind their decision to inflict a copyright strike on our Youtube channel because “it is effective” (jeez, thank’s).

In regard to our reports about their low RTP they reply that all their games have gone through testing and are required to abide to the rules set out by the regulators. That sounds nice and all, but numbers are numbers and they don’t lie, and that is what we report about. If other affiliates wants to push their games and pretend it’s all good, then so be it.

April 27, 2018

After discussions with Yggdrasil Gaming, and after a guarantee from us not to post videos of any unreleased games, Yggdrasil decided to revoke the copyright strike. Yet, other affiliates keep posting the same videos without repercussions. Very strange indeed.

May 2, 2018

For no apparent reason, the copyright strike was reactivated once again by Yggdrasil Gaming, despite the video not being  publicly available and despite a promise from Yggdrasil Gaming to revoke the copyright strike. In other words, Yggdrasil cannot be trusted.

May 14, 2018

The reason Yggdrasil Gaming gave us for having caused us a copy right strike was that they wished not to “place any affiliate in a favourable position” by allowing them to uploading clips of unreleased games. Interestingly they have kept allowing certain affiliates to upload videos without consequence, even after us pointing it out and having questioned their supposed neutrality. In other words Yggdrasil Gaming lied to us. Their real agenda appears to be censorship.

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